5 thoughts on “Can a real diamond ring mark the glass???”

  1. What you want to express should be whether real diamonds can leave marks on glass. The answer is yes
    1. Real diamonds are polished diamonds. Diamond is a natural mineral and the original stone of diamonds. Simply put, diamond is a kind of simple crystal composed of carbon element formed under high pressure and high temperature conditions in the deep part of the earth. The Mohs hardness of diamond is 10
    2. The chemical composition of glass is silica, and the Mohs hardness of most glasses is 6. It is much lower than diamonds, so real diamonds can easily cut glass, let alone leave marks
    3. It's unscientific if you want to identify the authenticity of diamonds in this way. There are many substances that can leave marks on glass. Even if it's a diamond imitation, zircon can easily do it

  2. The hardness of glass is about 6,
    the hardness of diamonds is 10,
    the hardness of diamonds is greater than that of glass.
    If a real diamond scratches on glass, there will be marks.
    moreover, hard objects will rub and scratch each other when they collide.
    similarly, diamonds and diamonds rub and scratch each other, and there will also be marks.

  3. tolerable. The Mohs India diamond is 10, which is the highest. So if you cut the glass with diamonds, the glass will leave marks
    although the hardness of diamonds is very high, they are also brittle and easy to break under external force
    therefore, when wearing a diamond ring, try not to be impacted by external forces.

  4. Yes, diamond is diamond, and diamond is the hardest mineral in nature
    If any two different minerals are carved on each other, one of them will be damaged
    there is a mineral that can scratch all other minerals, but no mineral can scratch it, which is diamond.

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