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  1. Gold jewelry can be used as hanging water without boiling.
    The gold jewelry has a gold content of more than 99%, up to 99.99%, so it is also known as "nine nine gold", "full gold", and "red gold". In order to overcome the shortcomings of high gold price, low hardness, single color, easy wear, and unspoken pattern.
    usually add some other metal elements to pure gold to increase the hardness of jewelry gold and change its tone and reduce its melting point. The word karat ".
    In gold jewelry, the pure gold jewelry texture is soft, the teeth are bite, and it is easy to bend. The color is golden, pure, soft, heavy, and feels heavy.
    k golden jewelry texture is slightly harder, the teeth bite the mixture, the color is yellow with white, and the number of K is reduced, the white increases, and the yellow is gradually shallow. The feel of K gold jewelry is not as heavy as pure gold jewelry. In addition, both pure gold and K gold jewelry have a printing sign.
    The printing on the gold jewelry is useful "gold" and the "KG" English letters represent the texture. When indicating the gold content, the word "99" or "24K" indicates that it is pure gold jewelry. The K gold jewelry is marked with the corresponding K numbers according to different gold content.
    It, if the K gold jewelry marked with "18K", its gold content is 75%. In addition, the jewelry also marks the printing of the origin of different manufacturers. Really gold jewelry, printing standards, completeness, and clear, is an important identification of judgment.

  2. Pure gold jewelry can dip the water.
    It pure gold jewelry can be dipped in water, and general tap water has no corrosion effect on gold. Make gold jewelry from losing bright color is generally environmental factors, such as dry regions, the air contains more fine dust, and it will form a "human sandpaper" after the human body is contaminated. Dandruff, local black stains, etc. The refreshing powder or moisturizing cream also contains similar particles, which makes gold jewelry barely.

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