2 thoughts on “Diamond ring is generally K gold or platinum

  1. Platinum itself is a very rare metal, and its rarity is higher than gold, and its price is relatively high; the essence of 18K gold is gold, but the gold content is 75%, and its cost will be relatively low. The color of platinum itself is white, and there will be no phenomenon such as "fading" and "discoloration". Since the diamond itself is also white (or described as colorless), the two are very matching. As a degree, platinum diamond ring is more in line with diamonds than the K gold diamond ring; the color of K gold is varied. The main colors include white, yellow, and roses, which can meet the needs of different consumers for the color of K gold diamond ring.

  2. When you buy a diamond ring, choose platinum, do not choose K gold. When choosing a diamond ring, the inlaid material is very important. The inlaid material of the diamond ring is platinum and K gold. If the economy is not tight, choose a platinum material. Do not choose K gold material. This is because there are three reasons. One is the meaning of the diamond ring, which has the meaning of eternal love

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