1 thought on “From February 9th, Xiaopeng G3 car owners can charge free charging all -round car purchase service officially launched”

  1. A few days ago, in order to ensure the safety of new and old users during safety protection during safety protection, Xiaopeng Automobile launched the "Bring Zhi Ai Home" service, and provided Xiaopeng G3 car owners with a full range of cars to buy and use cars. Safety guarantees mainly include services such as online vehicles, online loans, online car purchase, online after -sales diagnosis, and online insurance claims. At the same time, the owner of all Xiaopeng G3 nationwide provided a one -month super charging pile free charging benefit.
    It is reported that the on -site test drive will continue from February 9 to February 29. At the same time, Xiaopeng Automobile also launched an online one -stop car purchase service for the pneumonia epidemic. After the new car owner can trade online, the owner of the loan needs, Xiaopeng Automobile can conduct online remote loan services. , Eliminate the concerns of the crowd when the transaction is eliminated; when delivering the vehicle, you can choose to mention it in the disinfected store, or choose the home -to -door delivery service provided by Xiaopeng Automobile. During the delivery process, in order to further ensure the safety of the owner's safety Xiaopeng Automobile will also provide "new car owners' immune gift package", including masks, thermometers, disinfection cotton slices, scrubbing, alcohol spray and other protective supplies.
    not only that, Xiaopeng Automobile also provides exclusive benefits for all Xiaopeng G3 owners. From 0:00 on February 9th to 24:00 on March 8th, the national Xiaopeng Automobile G3 car owners can be in Xiaopeng Free charging of automobile super charging stations.
    It is reported that the free charging will be distributed in the form of an energy package and officially take effect at 0 o'clock on February 9. At that time, the owner can log in to the Xiaopeng Automobile APP for viewing. After the power packaging is effective, it can be consumed by inserting or charging or scanning code charging.

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