5 thoughts on “How much carat's ashes diamond can be made for 300g of ashes?

  1. The passage of years, there are always some unforgettable memories in the drip, and remembers again because of the scene bad situation! We miss ,, and the memories of 我们 flashed in our minds for a long time. The starry sky tonight is very charming. Everything is so peaceful and quiet. Missing flows slowly, remembering the past with me, recalling the murmur of the afternoon, remembering the puffy jacket, remembering the covered with wrinkles full of wrinkles The vicissitudes of the face, everything is still so beautiful, maybe thanks to the companionship of the ashes diamonds in the world, we will always accompany us in this way. In the future, we will work harder and live well. Go more, and accompany us with wonderful growth with the places we have never been to.

  2. 300g of ashes may be able to do 40 points of diamonds. The price is estimated to be cheap. Before that, relatives made a one -carat ashes diamond ring. It cost 49800 and was usually reluctant to bring it out. Only in special festivals.

  3. Now the production of ashes diamonds has developed to the third-generation technology,
    The first generation of ashes diamond technology
    The first generation of ashes diamond technology prevailed during the 2005-2009 period. During this period Large quantity (about 500 grams, so it cannot be customized for pets) and can only make a single color (only blue, the purest white), it takes half a year to one year to cultivate diamonds, and it has been caused by it. Most companies were eliminated. The first -generation technology purity is not high, only blue ashes diamonds can be made.
    The second-generation ashes diamond technology
    It the second generation of technology used during the 2009-2012 period. The technology during this period has been developed, only 150 grams of ashes, and the amount of pet ashes can be made into ashes diamonds and can be made into ashes and can be made into ashes diamonds. Can achieve 5 colors through different temperature and pressure (HPHT technology). The second -generation technology can do the purest white, but because the white technology is complicated and the environmental requirements are high, the cost is high.
    The third -generation ashes diamond technology
    The third generation technology was invented by the sound of heaven, only 100 grams of ashes were required to achieve the extraction of 100%of the extracted carbon for diamond cultivation. Color diamonds can be cultivated to 1 carat, or even 2 carats. It only takes 3-4 months.

  4. According to Swiss ashes diamonds: Generally, 500g cremation ashes are required to ensure that sufficient carbon is required to make ash diamonds. If you really cannot provide enough ashes, you can first analyze the ingredients of the ashes. If the carbon source in the ashes is sufficient, then 300g of cremation of the ashes can be used for at least 0.3 carat ash diamonds.
    If component analysis, the carbon content in the ashes is insufficient, and there is another solution to choose from, that is, the hair of the family is supplemented as the carbon source, or the organic combustible relics of the deceased are supplemented by the carbon source.

  5. The data comes from the ashes to commemorate diamonds. It can be seen from the table that 300 grams of ashes can do about 60 cents ashes commemorative drill, starting from 35,800.

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