One thought on “How to change the price of a golden tag? Can you recycle the price of the golden price at the price of gold?

  1. The price of golden tags can still be replaced by a new gold tag. As long as the gold purchased in regular channels, the gold of its own gold is still known, but the price of gold will not be recovered at the price of the tag, and the recovery price of the gold price on the day will be recovered. How much is the cost of the cost? The price of gold price is very low, and it is not worth changing.
    How to change the price of gold tags in one -time price
    If there are no invoices or tags, there are generally three ways:
    1, pawnshop, the price is relatively low, about 40 % off the gold market value, it will be Investigate the source of the gold chain and ask for a copy of your ID card.
    2, the recovery price of the gold recycling workshop on the street, the recovery price is 80 % off, but the integrity is low, and it is easy to deduct the weight.
    3, the regular gold shops have low prices, 70 % and required to collect the fees with a proportion of gold, but not all regular gold shops recover without invoice gold.
    , but some brands of jewelry are specific and unique, that is, only their homes can be available. In this case, they can be replaced without invoices.
    The can be changed without an invoice, you can go to every store. The depreciation fee is required, and there is a certain price difference.
    This is also possible to have no invoices with old -fashioned activities.
    can the price of gold be recovered at the price of the tag
    It cannot, the gold recovery of the price is recovered by the gram.
    Blip -priced gold jewelry involves the problem of replacement and recycling. If you want to change new in the future, you can only change the price. If it is recycled, only the amount of gold is calculated. The inlaid gem is not calculated, and the corresponding depreciation fee will be calculated. For example, if you buy a price of 3000, it may be less than a thousand when recycling, because the weight of the inlaid style will be removed, and the depreciation fee is also calculated.
    "one -bite gold jewelry" is generally very delicate styles, such as various inlays or special styles, and women will look bright at a glance. For this kind of jewelry, the manager will tell you that it has included craftsmanship and various costs, so it is priced at the price price. The focus of this type of jewelry is the word "craft", and many experts say that the water is saving.
    Mee -of -price gold is cost -effective
    This is basically craft gold, such as hard gold, 5G gold .....
    The real vegetarian gold is still sold by gram.
    The average price of hard gold will be more than 700/800 grams. Why?
    The first: Its special craftsmanship can make 10 grams of gold as a 30 grams of gold bracelet! Then we don't need to spend 30 grams to buy it, which meets consumers' vanity of vanity. Essence
    It: Special process can make vegetarian gold a pure gold with high hardness. In this way, styles can be more diverse. For example: Babies of Zhou Dafu, Doraemon of Chahongji, Hellokt of Zhou Shengsheng, etc., and these shapes, pure gold cannot be done.
    This is the significance of the existence of craft gold and high price.

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