2 thoughts on “I saw a diamond ring in the city's diamond mall. It is about 1 carat or more. I wonder if I can spend it by credit card in installments?

  1. The installments that can be handled are generally divided into three types: 3, 6 and 12. If it is divided into 12 periods a year, the handling fee is generally about 6%. If the diamond ring is 10W, the handling fee is 6000

    after swiping the card, you can call the Bank of deposit. If you are not confident, you can call first to ask if there is such a business. At least China Merchants, Guangfa, China, a few of which I often use, basically call me to ask if they want to spend in installments when they have a large amount of money.

  2. Whether you can spend in installments depends on whether your credit card limit is so high. If it's enough, you can call the credit card customer service number to apply directly for the number of installments after you buy it.

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