4 thoughts on “Is gold a metal?

  1. It is a metal, and it is a chemical properties and its non -lively metal.
    The single quality (free form of free) of gold is commonly referred to as gold. It is a precious metal. Many centuries have been used for currency, value preservation and jewelry. In nature, gold appears in the golden blocks or golden grains, underground ore veins and accumulation layers in the rock. Gold is also one of the currency metals. Gold is a solid at room temperature, with high density, softness, light, and corrosion resistance. It is the best metal. It is second only to platinum. It is one of the best metals.
    Gold is a transitional metal that can form 3 and 1 price compounds. Gold chemistry is not lively, but it can be corroded by chlorine, fluorine, king water and cyanide. Gold can be dissolved by mercury, forming golden mercury; nitric acid that can dissolve silver cannot dissolve gold. The above two natures have become the basis of gold refining technology, which are called "silver division gold method" () and "parting". (Details move on Baidu Encyclopedia).
    Gold is a very valuable metal with a wide range of applications.
    Due to the fine characteristics of gold, gold is also used as currency in history. Gold can be used for commodity transactions. It is also because of the color characteristics of the gold itself and its ductility. Gold is also generally used in the production of jewelry. Historically, nobles in history like to wear gold and silver, and these habits have continued to this day.
    and, because of the metal of gold, the chemical properties are not lively, have strong corrosion resistance, and good conductivity, gold is also widely used in modern high -tech industries, such as electronic technology, such as electronic technology, Communication technology, astronal technology, chemical technology, medical technology, etc.
    and due to the stability of gold, the identity of gold and foreign countries in ancient and modern China is consistent. After all, the application value of metal this metal is far more than that. It is believed that in the development and construction of future society It will also be widening.

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