2 thoughts on “Our company hosts family day activities, what gifts are generally given to the guests present for commemoration?”

  1. Since it is
    Family day
    activities, give some small gifts for furniture, such as
    in kitchen supplies
    , insurance box, you can do it on small gifts The identity of your company, or the theme of your company's event.
    Recommended the original poster
    /proct_list.aspx? ID = 761

  2. The gift of "carving bamboo Mingxin" is very good, where I just customized.
    Added: liwudiy
    Profilish can treasure the text witness of a lifetime.
    In natural materials and rustic love, turn the u003CBirthday Gift> deep inside into text,
    R n has a long history of bamboo slips, let bamboo slips witness each other.

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