4 thoughts on “Regarding whether I can wear MIMO diamond sweetheart, please help me. Essence Essence If you are advertising.

  1. It is not recommended to alone from a visual perspective .. 17.2 may cover most of your eyes with white eyes .. It is not so good -looking ... It is recommended that you bring 15.5mm diameter to adapt .. Then if you feel uncomfortable, you feel that there is no discomfort. .. Bring diamond sweetheart ...

  2. First, imagine that the eyes should not be very large. Then the diameter of 17.2 is excluded.
    . It is recommended that you can choose Barbie Phantom Black, or vivigo. The official glasses of the glasses of Charm Eye refer to the purchase. The quality is good, and the after -sales is also guaranteed!

  3. At that time, I also considered buying a diamond sweetheart. Because of the large diameter, I wanted to buy it, but after finding it online, I found that many people report that although the diamond sweetheart is large, but because its texture is not very good, because there are many cut surfaces, it will be able to do it. Feeling the eyes is very dull, unless you draw eye makeup every time. And if the eyes are not very large, you will feel dead fish eyes. It's too little white. In short, the effect is not very good. Also, because the diameter is relatively large and the eyes are not large enough, the cornea is not very good. Frequent rubbing. Therefore, it is recommended to go to buy the phantom black of Barbie's love, or Da Shui Nuo. And Barbie's love is very good. My personal task Barbie loves the big water coagulation silver ash and phantom black, which is very good. If you like a bigger diameter, I think Barbie loves Da Shui Ning 16.0 good, it is very suitable for you. But if you don't like Da Shui Ning, you can choose Phantom Black, which will look big and dark. It's also very good. The comfort of Barbi love is the best, so you can consider promise.

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