One thought on “The meaning of the boyfriend to send a ring represents the meaning of the ring

  1. 1. The boyfriend sending the ring means that he wants to marry you, and is willing to circle you for a lifetime. He is willing to protect you with love for a lifetime, because the ring can be taken with him without being removed at any time, so this can express him to you to you to you The meaning of love from time to time, this little ring is the symbol and witness of your love.
    2, the ring is a Chinese word, the pinyin is Jiè, a small ring wearing a finger for commemorative or decorative, made of metal, jade, etc.
    3, ring: small ring for commemorative or decorative on the fingers, made of metal, jade, etc. The invention and creation of a ring belongs to the ring is not concluded. In China, the use of the ring has a history of at least two thousand years. From a large number of literature, during the Qin and Han dynasties, Chinese women had generally admired the ring. The rings are passed to the folk, and its role is not only simple decorations. Men and women love each other and give each other. Shanmeng oaths as evidence.
    4, the ring of the embedded gem has different significance. Diamond symbolizes eternity. In Europe and the United States, every wedding anniversary, husbands generally give their wife a diamond ring and valuable metal to show the loyalty of love. Emerald represents love, pearls are noble, and amethyst represents health, machine sensitivity and luck. The crystal uses unique magnetic field energy to make more people fall in love at first sight.

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