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  1. Introduction to the plot diversity:
    Episode 1
    Meng Xiaowei returned to China to interview Dongjiang Company. There was also a young woman named Li Jiaying interview with her. The manager in charge of the interview is Chen Wenhao. After Chen Wenhao saw Meng Xiaowei's appearance, he was surprised when he was in his heart. It turned out that Meng Xiaowei was Chen Wenhao's university classmate. The two had a relationship that had no disease and ended in that year.
    Episode 2
    The Chen Wenhao was invited to dinner at the restaurant. What made Chen Wenhao unexpectedly, Mr. Xiao knew Meng Xiaowei. Meng Xiaowei saw Chen Wenhao who went to the banquet and did not show a little surprise. Chen Wenhao looked stunned. He sat down on the chair and did not dare to look at Meng Xiaowei. President Xiao had to say goodbye to Chen Wenhao and Meng Xiaowei because of temporary things.
    Episode 3
    Chen Wenhao attended a classmate party. Meng Xiaowei was late, attracting the amazing of all male students. At that time, Meng Xiaowei was the school flower of the school and had many suitors. Today, her appearance is still the school flowers in the hearts of men. Chen Wenhao was drunk and went home with Meng Xiaowei's pick -up. Meng Xiaowei didn't know where Chen Wenhao's house was, and he could only drive aimlessly.
    Episode 4
    Chen Wenhao was invited to dinner at the restaurant at a friend. He rushed to the restaurant and sat down shortly. Meng Xiaowei then rushed over. Chen Wenhao did not expect Meng Xiaowei to come to the meeting, and the expression on his face became unnatural instantly.
    Episode 5
    Tang Yan decided to convene classmates to meet. She made a special trip to know Meng Xiaowei and invited Meng Xiaowei to attend the classmates. When Meng Xiaowei went to the banquet, Chen Wenhao was also present. Chen Wenhao did not expect Meng Xiaowei to come to the banquet. The look on his face became not natural.
    Episode 6
    Chen Wenhao took Meng Xiaowei to the jewelry shop to buy jewelry. Meng Xiaowei looked at a brand -name jewelry, and Chen Wenhao said generously to make East. Not long ago, Meng Xiaowei was excluded by Lu Jiajia at the classmate meeting and went out in public.
    Episode 7
    Meng Xiaowei and Chen Wenhao talked on the aisle. Lu Lei suddenly appeared and could not help but say that Chen Wenhao was pushed aside. Meng Xiaowei was knocked to the ground by Lu Lei and injured his arm. Essence Lu Lei wanted to teach Chen Wenhao. Because Meng Xiaowei was injured, Lu Lei put Chen Wenhao a horse, came to Meng Xiaowei to apologize, and repented for his own behavior.
    Episode 8
    Chen Wenhao was caught in the gentle town built by Meng Xiaowei and couldn't extricate himself. He missed Meng Xiaowei every day. Meng Xiaowei knew that he had successfully seduced Chen Wenhao, and deliberately wanted to capture Chen Wenhao's call.
    Episode 9
    Lu Jiajia has the idea of ​​divorce Chen Wenhao. Father Lu saw that he could not persuade Lu Jiajia to change his mind, and helplessly agreed to divorce Lu Jiajia and Chen Wenhao. Chen Wenhao was worried that he would not guarantee his status at the Lu family, and bought flowers to the Lu family to please Lu Jiajia.
    Episode 10
    Meng Xiaowei sent a lead to Chen Wenhao to Dongjiang Company. Her appearance made Chen Wenhao panic, Chen Wenhao coaxed Meng Xiaowei to leave the company. Seeing that he had a close relationship with Meng Xiaowei, his wife Lu Jiajia had to be troubled again.
    Episode 11
    Chen Wenhao led Meng Xiaowei to talk about business with President Wu. President Wu agreed to cooperate with Chen Wenhao. Essence He has been sufficiently suspected of Lu Jiajia, and just wants to get rid of Lu Jiajia as soon as possible.
    Episode 12
    Chen Wenhao drove away from the company. He found Lu Lei sitting in a car. Originally, he planned to have dinner with Meng Xiaowei. Because of Lu Lei, he decided to eat with his wife Lu Jiajia at the restaurant.
    Episode 13
    The thoughts of Lu Jiajia made a phone call to his brother Lu Lei and commissioned Lu Lei to monitor the evidence of Chen Wenhao's derailment. Lu Lei said on the phone that he would complete the task.
    Episode 14
    Hou Dewen is the minister of the cultural department. Hou Dewen was retired in one year. He was unwilling to work in the basic work and decided to resign and leave.
    Episode 15
    Ye Xintong treats Hou Dewen on the surface. In fact, Hou Dewen is used as an old -fashioned ghost. Hou Dewen wanted to find a female secretary. He called Wang Hong into the office. Wang Hong's relationship with Hou Dewen was not very good. Hou Dewen was not very satisfied with Wang Hong. Then he called President Wang to the office and asked President Wang to find a female secretary Essence
    Episode 16
    Ye Xintong originally planned to drive Hou Dewen home. As a result, he wanted to take the key to drive home. When Hou Dewen returned home to hear his wife complained that he returned late, he said that he did not have to work overtime at nine to five in the organs.
    Episode 17
    The cultural street project bidding makes Hou Dewen entertain very late every day, every time you drink drunk home. Liu Yibin is an old classmate of Hou Dewen. He went to Hou De -dialogue in the cultural street project and went to Hou Deluo's words. He heard Hou Dewen mentioning the company's strength and said that he had been very powerful for so many years. When he left, he remembered to see the information. As a result, Hou Dewen had only one resume at first glance.
    Episode 18
    Liu Yibin's arrangement last night made Hou Dewen restless and felt that there was a problem with the style. Ye Xintong pushed the recent entertainment. The project has not yet started. Can't.
    Episode 19
    Hou Dewen called Gu Wenting to lie to lie to overtime, and went to Ye Xintong's home directly at night. Ye Xintong pulled the curtains and grabbed Hou Dewen, saying that it was difficult to find a confidant.
    Episode 20
    When Wang Hong went to send Hou Dewen to publish a plan for the second half of the year, he gave him a cow's horns and massaged his shoulders. Listening to what he would ask himself, Wang Hong said that he would cook, cooked soup, and was ready to give him a soup with his waist, so that he would also help his waist and kidney to thank him for his care.
    Episode 21
    Gu Wenting went to the office and squeezed his shoulders for Hou Dewen. He also apologized and made him home. Hou Dewen said that she had improved her awareness and sent her to leave the company in person. When resting at night, Gu Wenting took Hou Dewen to pinch his shoulders and said he wanted a child. Hou Dewen agreed, but he had to wait for his own rest.
    Episode 22
    The Zhao Siyu helplessly put down the apple sent by Lu Jie to get up to the office to find Hou Dewen. Hou Dewen asked her to close the door. After the seat, Hou Dewen said that the copywriting had to be written slowly. Slowly worked for a detailed work. When he saw Zhao Siyu bowing his head and said, did Hou Dewen ask her if there was any difficulties? If there was any difficulties, he said to him. Ask her to watch the drama to find inspiration, and immediately got up to book the ticket.
    Episode 23
    The see Hou Dewen to stay. Zhao Siyu asked his parents to call him home, and also rejected him to pick up himself in the morning. When he returned home, Gu Wenting had settled his account at his anger and heard that he had arranged his job for his younger brother. The treatment was well treated the day after tomorrow.
    Episode 24
    The son returned to China. Hou Dewen told Zhao Siyu Journal to pay attention and not to accompany her at night. Tim and Gu Wenting embarrassed each other at home. He heard that he wanted to live at Hou Dewen to work at home. Gu Wenting embarrassedly smiled and told him to clean up the study.
    Episode 25
    The Zhao Siyu thought about Hou Tianyu to keep confidential. In the evening, Hou Dewen would use the complicated domestic society and afraid that Hou Tianyu would persuade him to leave China on the weekend. talk. Back in the bedroom, Hou Dewen called Gu Wenting. As a result, when he heard that Hou Tianyu was still in the study, he said that he would accompany his parents for a few days.
    Episode 26
    looking at his father's text message, Hou Tianyu asked Zhao Siyu to meet in the old place, saying that his father had to go home in an accident. He wanted to officially introduce Zhao Siyu to his father. Listening to her also said that she wanted to keep secret, Hou Tianyu said that it was impossible to get married and kept confidential. Take out the ring and kneel and propose to her.
    Episode 27
    Xuan Lulu is a model, in order to help friends participate in a jewelry fashion catwalk. In the makeup room, when the model was discussing Lu's only son, Jin Hao, Lu Sisi came in and questioned why Helen hadn't come yet. Helen told her that Anna could go to other shows for personal reasons, and she was still a friend of Jin Shao. At this time, Jin Hao came in and said that people did n’t come and did n’t have a catwalk. If you just find someone, you can do it. In the end, he disregarded Lu Sisi to let Xuan Lulu catches the show.
    Episode 28
    In in the morning, Xuan Lulu pressed the alarm clock and called Yang Xue. Listen to her asking herself to go, Xuan Lulu said that everything would let them go yesterday? After a while, Xuan Lulu came out of the bathroom and found that Yang Xueman was still sitting on the sofa and asked her why she was still still Don't go to the company.
    Episode 29
    In in the morning, Xuan Lulu pressed the alarm clock and called Yang Xue. Listen to her asking herself to go, Xuan Lulu said that everything would let them go yesterday? After a while, Xuan Lulu came out of the bathroom and found that Yang Xueman was still sitting on the sofa and asked her why she was still still Don't go to the company. Yang Xueman told her that her agent called her and said that she was not used, and asked her to find time to go to the company to terminate the contract.
    Episode 30
    Jin Hao has been staring at Xuan Lulu on the stage, and Lu Sisi looked at them with white eyes. Outside of the toilet, Lu Sisi gathered the courage to return the necklace back and was interrupted by other models. When discussing the next season's clothing style, President Liang let Jin Hao express his opinion, but he kept walking.
    Episode 31
    Is when Xia Pengfei knocked on the door randomly, Xuan Lulu pulled him to the room and asked him? Listening to the reason why he said something, Xuan Lulu asked him how to find this hotel floor? Xia Pengfei branch Zhiwu said that by a software positioning installed on her mobile phone, Xuan Lulu said he actually positioned himself and doubted himself.
    Episode 32
    Xuan Lulu returned to the company to find Jin Hao. In front of his face, he took off his clothes and asked him if he could participate in the international catwalk. It is my own bottom line, I hope the company will give myself a chance. Jin Hao said that letting her put her clothes on.
    Episode 33
    Listening to President Wu Defense as a small citizen. He approached Jin Hao for money. Jin Hao was in contact with her. Look at each other. Xuan Lulu gave the woven scarf to President Wu, Jin Hao and his colleagues, and thanked them for taking care of themselves. Looking at Jin Hao's mouth, President Wu explained that Helen found a stubble to take Xuan Lulu away.
    Episode 34
    Xuan Lulu asked Yang Xueman to take a leave for one week for himself. When Yang Xueman moved from his house to Liang Feng's house, he asked Xuan Lulu why he asked for leave. Helen also asked her about this. Xuan Lulu said she wanted to rest, she wanted to ask her.
    Episode 35
    Mexiafang, the two of them quarreled, Xia Pengfei fell into chopsticks. In the company, when Xuan Lulu was lying on the sofa playing with his mobile phone, he heard the calls between Yang Xueman and Xia Pengfei. Xuan Lulu took the initiative to call Xia Pengfei and apologize. He heard that he was going to pick up himself and said that he would be gossip when he was too high -profile.
    Episode 36
    Xuan Lulu told Xia Pengfei that he had taken off his ancestor jade and heard Xia Pengfei's number of herself, and Xuan Lulu ran away from home. After Xuan Lulu and Jin Hao dated, Jin Hao took her to play the game. Xuan Lulu's game lost, and promised to let Jin Hao's face, Jin Haoqing couldn't help kissing her. Xuan Lulu asked him to surprise him, and took the initiative to kiss her cheeks and left.
    Episode 37
    Lu Sisi took Helen to prepare to go to Jin Hao's house to catch treacherous. As a result, he found that men's things were found. In the face of Xuan Lulu's continuous provocation, Lu Sisi hated to throw things and slapped her. Helen was afraid of Zhong Xuanlu Lu's trap, and hurriedly pulled her away. And all this was really stolen by Xuan Lulu.
    Episode 38
    Is Xia Pengfei learned from Yang Xueman's mouth to learn about Xuan Lulu, and went to her downstairs to find her. Xia Pengfei asked her others to say that Jin Hao was pursuing her. She was suspicious and committed. Xia Pengfei said that today she just wanted to hear whether they were together from her Xuan Lulu's mouth.
    Episode 39
    Is that Xuan Lulu did not like to sneak, Liang Feng took the flowers to Starlight Group to announce in public to pursue Xuan Lulu. Seeing the media swarming to take pictures, helplessly let go.
    Episode 40
    Listening to Xuan Lulu lying to make Wu Fang judge himself. You must learn to pretend to be weak on the surface. Xuan Lulu promised not to tell Liang Feng about her pregnancy, and persuaded her to leave here.
    Episode 41
    Liang Feng is about to support her to go to the hospital to kill her children. Xia Pengfei and Cui Defa arrived in time. Cui Defa learned that Yang Xue was pregnant with Liang Feng's child and yelled at her name and ran away, while Liang Feng scolded her to show her stomach and escaped.
    Episode 42
    Kim Hao turned half of her shares to Xuan Lulu. She only had equity and had no right to resale. After successfully signed the shares transfer agreement, Xuan Lulu finally got what he wanted. Looking at Jin Hao and Liang Feng's drunkenness, they said that women were serving men. Xuan Lulu was impatient.
    Episode 43
    Xuan Lulu fanned Xia Pengfei and ran to find Jin Hao, crying and telling him that the child was him. Please give her another chance. Jin Hao said coldly that if the child was really him, he gave her five million, and the child gave Lu Sisi.
    Episode 44
    Faced with Yan Ran's unreasonable trouble, Tong Yi is very aggrieved. She is just a job as a job as a snow singer. Why did she respond so much? Tong Yi was ready to return to the dormitory, and was left by Yan Ran for his helplessness.
    Episode 45
    The Li Deren asked Yan Ran to hold the things sent by Xie. As for the relationship between the two, he said with him. Tong Yi made a good meal and saw Yan Ran who came back with a lot of things, thinking of what she saw that day. When Yan Ran and Tong Yi discussed the magazine's clothes, he heard her asking about what she took away from the mountains, and also asked her work and monthly salary. Yan Ran didn't answer just let her eat fruit quickly.
    Episode 46
    Xue Ge questioned that Li Deren's gift was not bought by himself. Let him show it tomorrow. He is too busy and thinks he should have a wife and let him think about it. Xue Ge and Li Deren prepared birthday for Lu Lin at home. As a result, Lu Lin called and said that Xue Ge cried upstairs.
    Episode 47
    Faced with Li Deren's repeated rejection, Yan Ran made a lot of money directly to let him not around the bend, what to say. Li Daren advised her not to be too serious, so troublesome. Seeing Gu Xiaowei did not answer his own call, Yan Ran called Xie President Xie.
    Episode 48
    Watching the change of Gu Xiaowei, Yan Ran's heart was completely messy, and he kept sending information to Gu Xiaowei to meet. After watching the information, Gu Xiaowei did not return and discussed dinner with Tong Yi.
    Episode 49
    During the contract, President Xie kept staring at Yanran, and Lu Lin had to remind him to sign the contract. Looking at their interaction, Lu Lin told Li Deren alone that Yan Ran and Lao Xie were greasy, and Li Daren also decided to show off Yan Ran. Yan Ran met Tong Yi and told her that Gu Xiaowei looked like someone outside. Listening to her, Tong Yi said that she knew, and she broke up with Gu Xiaowei.

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