2 thoughts on “What are the high -end and exquisite gifts for men?”

  1. 1. Troika leather keychain
    The key chain of German brand Troika looks ordinary, but the details are very intimate. The opening of the keychain uses a twisting switch. easy and convenient.
    2, ABITAX portable ashtray / storage box
    If smoking, you can send a portable ashtray, which can be handsome and elegant, and you don't have to keep the trash can to smoke. The ashtray is very small and exquisite. It can be sandwiched on the clothes or hung on the backpack. If it is not ashtray, you can also store the storage box of the key.
    3, cigarette leather box
    This cigarette leather box, cigarette storage is both practical and design. The vegetable tanned leather is the raw material, which is hand -made, the appearance is stylish, the workmanship is fine, and the soft bag cigarette can be put in the whole package. In addition, you can customize unique patterns and text.
    4, treasia wooden business card folder
    Ba card clip is a small detail that can reflect the taste of business people. This business card clip is minimalist and exquisite in detail. The smooth launch of business cards is suitable for men who are giving them to elegant and paying attention to details.
    5, Wedgwood Cup
    Wedgwood is a brand that has provided many tableware and gathering supplies for the British royal family, which is very delicate for the higher cup! There are always some special days in life, which is suitable for giving birthday gifts for delicious men.

  2. 1. Wallet
    The wallet is a symbol of men's identity and taste. A suitable wallet can not only reflect the charm, but also get psychological satisfaction, so sending a boyfriend wallet is a good choice.
    2, belt
    This belt is a very practical gift for men. Whether wearing a suit or a casual dress, a belt is needed, and an excellent belt can also enhance the taste of men.
    3, tie
    Tie is the key to a suit, so you can also give the other party a tie. Whether it is a brother or a friend, the tie can be sent, but you need to pay attention to the color choice when choosing. Young people can choose some tie, while older people try to choose more versatile styles.
    4, shaving knife
    can be used as a gift with a shaver. Excellent shaving knife can make men clean and neat. It is a good gift.
    5, thermos cup
    The weather gradually turns cold. In order to show the concern of the body, then send a love and warm insulation cup. Although the insulation cup is common, it contains infinite meaning. The thermal insulation cup seems to be with you.

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