One thought on “What color level do diamonds buy?

  1. Many consumers in the market generally buy diamonds I and G -levels, because these two -level diamond ring are cost -effective.
    The color of diamonds is a relatively important standard. The colorless and flawed diamonds are the best. Although the color of the diamonds of I and G -levels can be visible slightly, but because their cost performance is very high, as long as the diamond cuts the cutting of the diamond cut The glory of the diamond can cover the color flaws.
    The diamonds are naturally closer to colorless, the more they can show their unique charm. What color -level diamonds to buy can be combined with specific requirements:
    ① High requirements: such as intended to keep the value collection, etc., you can choose directly. D-F color, this range is high-color level, and the price will be high.
    ② High cost performance: The budget is relatively sufficient, you can choose G-H color. This color range is used as a white diamond with the naked eye, but the price is relatively cheap.
    ③ Economy: I-J color, you can see a little yellow, but the social distance has no effect, the price is much cheaper, and you can choose if the color is not high.
    ④ Diamonds of K color and below are obviously yellowed, and it is not recommended to buy it.

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