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  1. The more common gift numbers are: milk, fruits, flowers, nutrients.
    milk, it is best to choose a box of milk, easy to drink, and supplement protein. It is a very good thing.
    fruit, it is recommended not to choose the fruit basket, it looks good, but it is usually not fresh and the taste is not good. You can pick some more common and convenient fruits. If you are a diabetic, you should pay attention to choosing fruits with low sugar content.

    flowers, it is recommended not to buy flower baskets, and do not say that if some patients need to be rescued, they also occupy the place, which will cause unnecessary trouble. The flavor, the taste is really hard to say.

    The nutrition products, you can choose honey, earth eggs and so on.

  2. Flowers, fruits and so on.
    The flower to patients has become a fashion.
    Is staying in the room and even the ward for a long time when he is sick. Human mood generally becomes depressed, which is not conducive to the improvement of the condition. But flowers can change people’s mood. A researcher in the United States said that through the various sensations of people, such as color, odor, and form, they changed certain chemicals in the brain, stimulated people’s positive emotions, and then caused deep psychological changes. At the same time, a study at Harvard Medical College also found that people who placed flowers at home feel less pressure and anxiety.
    So when you visit the patient, sending flowers to patients is not just etiquette, not only blessings, but also to help patients adjust their mood and make patients recover faster. Of course, not all flowers are suitable for visiting patients; so what kind of spending to patients?
    Recommended: Yellow Rose Pink Rose
    -I wish early rehabilitation
    flowers/early rehabilitation: yellow, pink rose total 21 branches, green leaves embellishment.
    Hua language: I wish you a soon recovery, and I wish you a smile.
    Chocal roses represent apology, but with pink roses, the meaning of expression can be extended: early recovery, this is a special care. This flower basket is particularly suitable for seeing female patients, after all, roses represent beauty.
    is the “favorite” of women, which can make them feel better; more than, yellow and pink can calm their minds and help the patient’s mood improvement.
    Recommended two: flowers (roses, perfume lilies, carnations) fruits (orange apple red) —— warm blessing
    flowers/fruit baskets-warm blessings: pink perfume lily, pink powder, pink 8 roses, pink Kang Zikang purple edge recreational insertion, the appropriate amount of Brazilian leaves and other green leaves; 3 imported oranges, 3 red Fuji apples, and 1 catties of red red.
    Hua language: full of fruits, blooming flowers, bring warm blessings. Let smile, bloom at this moment. The joy is in full bloom like flowers!
    The visual patients to send water fruit basket, which is both affordable and convenient, but also contains good blessings. It is a good choice. The recommended fruit basket is called “warm blessing”, and the selected flowers and fruits are very attentive. Among them, carnation represents “health and happiness”, and Apple represents “peace”. Patients received such gifts, and they must have a good mood.
    Recommended three: lily
    -Hope full of spring
    flowers/fragrance: 6 branches of powder perfume lily, with flower embellishment, appropriate amount of yellow warbler.
    Hua language: „„ to you, look forward to your smile.
    green, representing tranquility, life, hopes
    This flowers use light green hand -rubbed paper fan -shaped packaging and green ribbon flower knot Patients are full of hope for tomorrow. Of course, the most important thing is the flowers -lily, lily flowers are lighter, it does not stimulate the patient’s emotions, has a certain soothing effect, and brings hope to patients. Give this bunch of flowers -fragrance to the patient, to give him the vitality and hope of spring.
    Recommended four: Carnations lily
    -relaxation, spring flowers bloom
    flowers/spring flowers blooming: 2 branches of multi -head powder perfume lily, 11 branches of carnation carnations, full amount of star green leaves, appropriate amount of green leaves Essence Flower language: warm wind, warm sunshine, spring flowers bloom, and take my warm love!
    The pink is calm, and small flowers can calm down, relax the nerves, and reduce stress. This flower bouquet is based on carnation, and pink (pink packaging pink flowers) as the whole color. It is difficult to help patients “get rid of the bitter sea” as soon as possible, right? No wonder, there is a pleasing name -spring flowers bloom. Spring blooming, is it in the heart of the patient?
    What to send flowers to the patient? The most important thing to pay attention to is the color of the flower. It should be bright but not strong, so as not to stimulate the patient’s emotions. In addition, if you choose a lily, it is best to remove the pollen. You cannot accidentally “do bad things” because the patient is allergic to pollen.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to answer it for you. Regardless of the large surgery or small surgery of the patient, it has a certain loss of the patient’s body, so patients need a longer physical recovery time after surgery. Due to human affection, someone needs to go to the hospital for surgery for surgery. In the process of visiting the hospital, in order to express your sincere wish for patients, you should buy some supplements for surgical patients. What supplements are suitable for surgery patients? In the process of supplement surgery that is easy to absorb, anesthetics are generally used. So when the surgery is over, the patient’s gastrointestinal function is still very weak, so we can choose some easier absorption of absorption tonic. 1. Silver fish tofu ravioli. 30 grams of silver fish, 1 piece of tofu, a moderate amount of meat, and the three flavors are cooked together into tofu ravioli, one dose a day. 2. Ginseng porridge. Ginseng 30 grams of ginseng, 50 grams of japonica rice, moderate amount of brown sugar, slowly cook with text fire, take one dose a day, take it twice during the hot, for 10-15 consecutive days. 3. Stew turtles. One chicken, one turtle, stew the chicken first, then put the cleaned turtle in the pot, add appropriate seasonings, cook slowly with a text fire, and one dose a day. 4. Milk oatmeal porridge. 100 grams of oatmeal and 150 grams of milk. Heated the two together for two minutes to eat at any time. The wound of the healing wound is easily infected after surgery. Therefore, it is best to eat some supplements that can heal the wound faster after surgery. 1. Vitamin E. Vitamin E can maintain animal reproductive functions and promote wound healing; vitamin E and vitamin C are used in combination, and the two will complement each other and enhance the effect. Foods containing vitamin E include cereals, green leafy vegetables, egg yolks, nuts, meat and dairy products. 2. Protein. Protein can promote wound healing and reduce the chance of infection. Foods rich in protein include all kinds of lean meat, milk, eggs, etc. 3. Glucose. Sugar is the main energy supply of the human body, and sufficient energy is indispensable for wound healing. Eat more sugary fruits during the wound healing period, which not only increases sugar, but also intakes sufficient amounts of vitamins. 4. Zinc. Zinc can be combined with vitamin C to participate in the synthesis of collagen in the body, increase resistance, and promote wound healing. Zinc -containing foods include corn, soybeans, radish, mushrooms, nuts, animal liver, fungus, kelp, seafood, eggs, meat, whole valley, nuts. 5. Vitamin A. Can promote wound healing. It mainly exists in foods such as carrots, tomatoes. Warm reminder: Friends with bad habits such as smoking and drinking must not be able to smoke and drink after surgery. At the same time, because of the operation after surgery, the stomach and intestinal acceptance ability is relatively weak, so you should try not to eat spicy and irritating foods after surgery, such as green onions, garlic, ginger, pepper, pepper, cinnamon, etc. For example, nuts and greasy foods; they should also have dietary laws after surgery. They cannot be hungry and hungry, let alone overeating, and stiff stuffed stuffing. These are not conducive to physical recovery.

  4. 1. Flowers
    Whether it is a patient, except for pollen allergies or patients with respiratory tract infection, other flowers are feasible. Be better and more pleasant.
    2. Milk
    Milk is very good. Not only is it mentioned that it is more beautiful, but also drinking milk is very good for the human body. It can supplement the various nutrients needed by the human body and is good for the patient’s body.
    3. Fruit

    The fruit tastes better. It can not only taste hunger and quench thirst. It is very good for the body. You can choose a few fruits to visit the patient. Of course Too much, it is easy to break after eating.
    4. Books and magazines

    The patients to stay in the ward are easy to be boring. You can bring a few books magazines to relieve the boredom and pass the time.
    5. Nutrition

    The patient’s demand for nutrition and demand is relatively large. You can bring some digestive nutrition products such as bird’s nest More nutrition.
    6. Health products

    A health products are also feasible choices, but pay attention to some patients’ bodies are not suitable for certain health products. Need to choose carefully.
    7. Eggs

    The people do not want to eat when many people get sick. Among them, eggs can not only fill their hunger but also supplement nutrition. The body is very useful.
    8. Pork ribs

    . As the saying goes, there is no scientific reason, but ribs contain a large amount of iron. Eating more is good for the body.
    9. Chicken soup

    If you are more confident in your cooking skills, it is also a good choice to send a bowl of chicken soup. It is better for the patient’s body.

  5. 1. Fruit is both delicious and nutritious. Most of the patients in hospitalization are in the middle and lower reaches. The diet is very restricted. Eating more fruits can supplement the vitamins in the body and help the disease improve. I like to buy the fruit that the patient wants to eat.
    2, the flowers are also very good, because the environment of the hospital will inevitably be dull, and the taste of nature in the hospital can not breathe. Sending a bouquet of flowers can make the ward add more fresh and vitality. In this way, the patients who stay in the dull room for a long time will be improved well.
    3, pillows are also very needed. It is inevitable to feel back pain when living in the hospital for a long time. However, the hospital’s pillow will definitely not be too good. If there is a pillow, you can lean on it at any time. Sitting will feel more comfortable. This will be more conducive to recovery by the patient’s body. A little more comfortable.

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