5 thoughts on “What is the role of Dai Jinyin jewelry for a long time?”

  1. For me, there is only one reason to wear gold and silver jewelry because they are just decorations in my eyes. If I do n’t look good, I do n’t wear it. I do n’t wear it. There is no saying that because the gold and silver jewelry can be good for the body for a long time, and what the healing effect can be played, I feel that it is nonsense.
    The my mother believes this very much, saying that wearing gold can prevent them from aging. It is said that because of the golden material, what kind of antioxidant function has a anti -oxidation function, so women can fight aging for a long time. So ... she bought all the gold chain and gold bracelets, saying that not only can she keep the value, but also resist aging. She does not need to apply the mask every day to maintain herself.

    It, my mother's favorite except gold is silver. Although it is not as expensive as gold, the mother thinks that silver is better than gold. It is said that Dai Yin and Dai can distinguish whether there is poisonous gas in your body through the color of the silver. I don't know if it is really or fake. Anyway, I have been wearing silver bracelets for a long time, and the bracelet really turns black. After hacking, my mother bought me another one, and it belonged to the black and changed when she was wearing black.

    Actually I do n’t believe this. If these decorations can really help our bodies, there are no elderly people in the world. Come to the old man. Because the elderly will believe this, I feel that no matter how much money is spent, what can I do? What can EMMM do? Buy it, you can appreciate it after buying gold.

  2. According to the research of scientists, many gold jewelry is actually a synthetic body of many raw materials. They are not made from 100 % pure gold. It is precisely because the gold jewelry on the market is not pure, and it is generally mixed with gold and other chemical components, so these jewelry will make these jewelry very solid and durable, which can be worn for a long time.
    we saw various styles of gold jewelry in the mall. It will definitely want to have it. It is actually a very normal behavior to dress up. Wearing gold jewelry is also the choice of many people. Some people say that carrying these metal products for a long time will be poisoned. In fact, this statement has a certain reason. Some people from chemicals will definitely recommend that people around them should not bring these gold jewelry closer, because these gold jewelry will have some harm to the human body. It is serious to endanger life.
    It related experts abroad found that the gold clubs that we generally use to make jewelry have a bad impact on the human body. According to them, this impact is limited to men. After the jewelry time is too long, the oxidation reaction will occur, which will cause some compounds to harm men's health. It may have a bad impact on certain organs of men.
    The people think that this statement is very unreasonable, and gold may have some bad effects, but because they are too beautiful, many people can't give up. For people with poor physical resistance, wearing gold jewelry is very unwise. It may cause inflammation, or tissue infection, and may even induce asthma and some urticaria.
    So friends, if you really want to wear some gold jewelry, and your body is not allowed, then you can disinfect the jewelry first, which will be more secure. In addition, if you wear too long, you must pay attention to maintenance regularly

  3. Long -term gold and silver handbon will affect blood circulation. Most people are not used to adjusting the size wearing gold and silver jewelry with the change of the shape, which may lead to insufficient local blood supply, causing the hyperplasia of subcutaneous tissue, and then it may be possible Causes hand and foot deformity.

  4. Long -term gold and silver jewelry still have some side effects on the human body.
    In some women wearing rings, necklaces caused contact dermatitis in the neck and fingers
    When wearing ear holes, tongue or nostrils, due to the strict local disinfection, or improper care afterwards, infection r r r The most common is finger or toe ring deformity. Some people do not pick them down due to long -term wear rings and even sleep at night, which will cause insufficient local blood supply, cause hyperplasia or local continuous infection of the lower ring tissue, and eventually leads to finger or toe malformations.

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