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  1. Whether it is a groom or a bride, the preparations before marriage are very complicated. If you are in the stages of marriage and you don't know what you need to buy, don't worry.
    1, invitation: parents, relatives, bride and bride leaders, relatives, friends of both parties;
    2, red paper: buy it back to cut, convenient for the manhole cover, bridge head, women's home and newlywed house community on the wedding day Surrounding;
    3, tearing window paper: The groom's house is looking for a minor boy or girl;
    4, the wedding bed placed the jujube cinnamon (early expensive son): buy jujube, peanuts, longan, chestnut (meaning: early birth: early birth Guizi is a century -old) placed on the bed. Gold paper: 4 pieces; BRICS: choose two bricks, use golden paper bags, appreciate the brick to bed and get blessed; Ax can be available;
    6, wedding shoes: the groom's wedding shoes are placed in the bride's house, the mother -in -law puts the two money in the groom's shoes, a total of double numbers, there are four levels of stability, which means that the groom is flat and steady. Step in Qingyun. The groom will give the red envelope back to the groom from the bride and sister or brother. Before the groom came, the bridesmaid group hid up and embarrassed the groom. After finding it, you can put it on and pick it up.
    7, red envelopes: changing mouth, blocking door, sitting bed, tearing window paper, changing shoes, making games, etc. (each package can be divided into large and small red envelopes, generally changing the mouth is a big red envelope, a normal red envelope for blocking the door or sitting) ;
    8, joy characters: different size. The bride/groom's anti -theft gate gate door cave door on the door of the furniture goes up the wall on the wall, etc. (The glass can be sticked on the glass, which is very convenient). Put from a distance to the home, this is called "Happy to enter the door from outsiders". As soon as it was dazzling, I started to post, occupying a good color of "the day is getting more and more brighter."
    9, handheld ritual flowers: picking up with relatives, the gate of the new house, and the entrance of the hotel generally about 8-10;
    10, Li Niang meat: Li Niang meat is a gift in Chinese marriage folk customs. When marrying a bride on the wedding day, the man should prepare a few pounds of pork to send it to the woman, or the entire rib on one side. This meat is called "Li Niang Meat". The parents of the man wrapped away the mother's meat with powder paper, and the powder was relaxed on it. Two shallots were tied with red lines. The best man held it to the mother -in -law when the groom changed his mother -in -law. The woman should divide half of the gift to the mother -in -law's home;
    11, the treasure! Apple, lotus seeds, pasta as mascots and so on. All items must be double. Wrap the cornucopia with a red cloth, call it "Baofu", pay attention to it, it is best to use a needle to stay. When the bride entered her mother -in -law's house, I took the cornucopia from the bridesmaid's hand to take the blessing;
    12, red belt: On the day of marriage, there is a key link of the red belt, red cloth 6 feet 6, make two red belt, make two red belts Essence The mother -in -law's house is prepared, and the money is suppressed in the red belt, the number of money is double, such as 200 yuan. The newcomers are around each other, and they should not be tied when they are around. They must be set up and pay attention to "living". The significance is that there is no knot, life and smoothness, and there is no meaning. After marriage, the financial source rolled;
    13, red and white line: The woman prepares two red and white lines, and the parents of the woman tied the money on the red and white line, wrapped around the groom and the bride's wrist, which means the newcomer is red and red, and the white head is to the white head. Old;
    14, sitting blessing (blessing): On the wedding bed of the new house, the newcomer sits in the blessing;
    15, the bed press: the groom's house is looking for a minor boy or girl, sitting with the newcomer with the newcomer千孙之意;rn16、四季果、喜糖:用于新娘家,新房桌子摆放;rn17、饺子:每个碗里盛6个饺子(六六大顺)或者更多,一定是Double number. Dumplings are also called Yuanbao, groom and bride, bridesmaids and groomsmen to eat dumplings together, eat double no orders;
    18, lofty noodles: red pupa bowl, longevity chopsticks (two pairs of red chopsticks on the red line), the length is a newcomer It is advisable to use each other. The wider the noodles, the better, and the whole noodles are rolled in the boiling water. In the bowl of the bowl, the groom and the bride eat at the same time. How many? The bride continues to answer loudly. The meaning of the newcomer is more and more blessed;
    19, firecrackers: placed in a heart shape, at the door of the new house, the hotel door; As the eternal commemorative after marriage
    21, signature pens: write a seat card on the Cambodian, the number of signature cards on the question list: the number of tables (not)
    22, gift bag Return to guests
    23, wedding sugar, candy box: placed wine tables at home Put sugar box
    24, drinks: juice, carbonated drink
    25, Jiujiu: beer, liquor, red wine
    26, Xiyan: Gels relatives and friends and the table table
    27, balloons: new room decoration, balloon door
    28, prop ring: used for wedding newcomers exchange rings
    29, wedding certificate: When the witnesses are used, the marriage items are different according to the different local customs. During the wedding preparation, the newcomer must ask the local customs!

  2. The marriage is too big, and the prepared is too rich. Basically, the wedding room, the second is what to do, how to solve the dowry, how to choose the wedding, how to choose the furniture, etc.,

  3. Wedding supplies list of clothing and jewelry

    1. Women: need to prepare the main veil, veil, outfit, toasting clothes, underwear, stockings, pajamas (sexy), handbags, wedding shoes (the best heel, the best heel, the best heel, Flat -bottom spare), warm -keeping supplies (such as warm stickers and warm baby, used when it is cold), glasses (invisible), gloves, shawls, diamond ring, pairing (one true and one false) bracelet, headgear, bride armor, slippers;

    2, man: prepare suits, glasses, leaders, shirts, pajamas, underwear, cufflinks, diamond ring, belt, socks, slippers, token;
    3 , Dad: suit, shirt, leather shoes;

    4, mother: mother's dressing, jewelry, shawl, high heels;
    5, best man: clothing (neat one), socks, tie;

    6, bridesmaid: clothing (neatly), shawl, and bouquet.

    If wedding supplies list two tobacco and alcohol food

    1, tobacco and alcohol: cigarettes, liquor, red wine, beverages, tea, beer (generally not appearing on the main table), want To learn more about what wine is generally used in wedding banquets, please refer to the article: Wedding banquet wine;

    2, food: In addition to the dishes of the wedding banquet, there are also wedding candy, peanut seeds, pine nuts, fruits, desserts , Cakes, please consult with the hotel in advance. Whether the menu provides free fruit, desserts, pastries, whether the wine is provided for free, and whether it can bring itself.

    If wedding supplies list Sanxin house supplies

    In addition to furniture, home appliances, curtains, etc., you also need to prepare the bed dolls, decorations, photo walls on the day of marriage, Four pieces on the bed, dragon and phoenix quilt, balloon, pulling flowers, stickers, flowers, fruit plates, bowls, disposable cups, hamsters, tea and tea bowls, kneeling pads, pull guns, and red dates, peanuts, longan, lotus seeds, It means that you are born early.

    If wedding room layout

    Wedding house layout

    Wedding supplies list Four spare items

    1, pharmaceutical category: flowers water clear oil oil oil oil oil oil (Summer and autumn seasons), band -aid, eye drops, heels, abrasive ointments, painkillers, stomach -eliminating tablets, and medicinal gauze;

    2, other: spare stockings, spare shirts, spare collar leadership, leading leader, spare leader lead, spare collar lead, spare collar lead, spare leader, spare lead, spare collar lead, spare leader, spare collar, Spare shoelaces, spare cufflinks, spare -mobile phone batteries, charging treasures.

    If wedding supplies list Five other supplies

    1, wine stickers, sign -in pen, sign in (prepare sufficient), lighter, wine set, gift back gift, back yarn, ring, ring, ring, ring Boxes, candy bags (boxes), red envelopes, table cards, bright water, signs, candles (evening), welcome cards, photo frames, interactive gifts (wedding interactive game prizes);

  4. The following matters should be prepared for marriage:
    1. Chinese citizens must apply for marriage in the marriage registration authority where one party is located to apply for marriage registration in the territory of China. ) Account certificate;
    (2) resident ID card;
    (3) proof of marriage status issued by the unit, villager committee or resident committee.
    2. Chinese citizens apply for marriage with foreigners in China. Both men and women must go to the marriage registration authority designated by the provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities of the Chinese citizens to apply for registration. Chinese citizens and foreigners who apply for registration must hold the following documents separately:
    (1) Chinese citizens must hold:
    The my household registration certificate;
    (2) Foreigners must hold:
    The identity of my passport or instead of passports, national certificates (non -national -free);
    "Foreigner Residence Certificate" issued by the public security organs.
    (3) Foreigners must hold:
    The my passport or other identities, nationality documents;
    "Foreigner Residence Certificate" issued by the public security organ, or identity documents issued by the foreign affairs department, or the foreign affairs department Entry and residence permits that come to China temporarily;
    The marriage status issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (or the authorized authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and the certification of the my country embassy and consulate in the country Proof of the marriage status issued by the ambassador and consulate.
    The "Marriage Registration Regulations"
    Article 7 The marriage registration authority shall review and ask the relevant situation of the documents and certification materials issued by the marriage registration parties. If the parties meet the marriage conditions, they shall register on the spot and issue a marriage certificate; if the parties do not meet the marriage conditions, they shall explain the reasons to the parties.n00:00 / 01: 3670% shortcut keys to describe space: Play / suspend ESC: exit full screen ↑: increase volume 10% ↓: reduced volume decrease by 10% →: single fast forward 5 seconds studio Here you can drag no longer appear in the player settings to reopen the small window shortcut key description

  5. Marriage is a lifelong event. Before marriage, he was full, and the family was not hungry. After getting married, you have a family and business, and you have to live. Listening to get married first, you must prepare the wedding room, and then prepare the necessary things according to the economic situation, such as the necessary products such as bedding clothes wedding dresses, and other necessities of life.

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