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  1. As the so -called wall pushes everyone, use this sentence to describe the current Zhao Benshan is suitable for now, but since he withdrew from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 13 years, there is always negative news about him on the Internet. 20 tons of gold, Zhao Benshan Singapore's gambling, etc. Of course, these are all rumors, but this time Zhao Benshan was really an accident. Some media reports that Zhao Benshan's company was investigated in violation of the law, which led to 1.3 billion assets. Why will Zhao Benshan deal with? Today we will talk about this story.
    The Benshan Media Hainan Co., Ltd. under the name of Zhao Benshan was severely illegal and forced to cancel it. For a while, it caused heated discussion among netizens. As early as July 13 last year, the company was due to long -term annual operating reports. The Hainan Provincial Market Supervision and Administration Bureau is included in the list of serious violations of the law. Today, the company has been formally liquidated and canceled, which means that Zhao Benshan's 1.3 billion yuan was drifted.

    Ne everyone knows that companies with good general operations will disclose the company's annual report in accordance with national regulations. Only some companies without substantial operations or poor operations will not be disclosed in accordance with regulations, and Benshan Media’s from Benshan Media Hainan Co., Ltd. may be the latter. From a few years ago, he entered Hainan in Hainan to log out and clearly liquidated and liquidated. It seems that Zhao Benshan's media empire is not as good as he imagined, but even disconnected.
    Is to think of Zhao Benshan's family to get rich. From an authentic two -person actor to the recognized king of sketches, countless honors have been won. Since 1990, Zhao Benshan has been on CCTV for 21 consecutive years. The stage of the Spring Festival Gala has also created a lot of classic works. For many audiences of the 1970s and 1980s, Zhao Benshan's sketches are indispensable and beautiful memories of the Spring Festival Gala, but he announced in 2013 that he announced his withdrawal from the CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Some people speculate that Zhao Benshan's withdrawal from the Spring Festival Gala is because he offended the person who should not offend. After all, his arrogance after becoming famous knows.
    But some people said that Zhao Benshan's retreat has been retired from the scenes since 2008, the torchbearers in 2008, his works and experiences can see obvious fatigue, and even after the performance was over On the weekend, in 2013, Zhao Benshan's sketch was awarded the topic involving the "bath center", and the contradiction with the director group could not be reconciled and "suffered" again, so he would bring his disciples to Liaoning Satellite TV with a sketch script. CCTV's old death did not come and go, until then the audience knew that the status of Zhao Benshan's most nail household in the Spring Festival Gala seemed to be as stable as expected.
    . Zhao Benshan didn't take it for granted, because before that, Zhao Benshan had put most of his energy on the construction of the entire Benshan Media Empire. The shooting of the series not only made a lot of money, but the apprentices of the entire Zhao family also became famous under his leadership. However, in such an environment, Zhao Benshan seemed to be a bit floating.

    The luxury car real estate under the name, and in April 2010, spent 200 million to buy his own private jet but ridiculous that Zhao Benshan could afford it but could not afford it. According to the Internet, according to the Internet, according to the Internet According to information, this plane costs 20,000 yuan per night, and the annual maintenance costs are as high as tens of millions of yuan. I still haven't sold it.
    and Zhao Benshan's works are also more vulgar. The TV series was worse than one. The People's Daily has criticized him several times. In addition, his apprentices are also constantly in the storm. After the car rear -tail, he fought with others, and then Fat was arrested and jailed for selling fake medicines. Even the hottest Song Xiaobao also had a big -name event. In addition, Zhao Benshan's daughter's ball played publicly on the Internet, causing countless countless, causing countless countless, causing countless counties Human dissatisfaction, all kinds of negative news are like a messy mahjong Zhao Benshan dragging the altar.

    On the vicissitudes from the limelight to the vicissitudes of the face, this is not just some factors of the outside world. It is more about the vision of the northeast of Zhao Benshan to the northeast of the country. , But after all, the two are local art, and the new sense of novelty may be there, but it may be possible to maintain such interest. In addition, the vulgar content that is always criticized in the work and the current comedy performance methods on the market. The younger, during this period, Zhao Benshan also tried to create works closer to other regional culture, but because the materials were still unable to get rid of the background of the northern countryside and the actors were old faces, they often converged.

    The Hainan Company of Benshan Media is forced to cancel it. Perhaps it is a microcosm of Zhao Benshan Media's Empire. During this period, Zhao Benshan also tried cross -border investment to enter the field of football and real estate, but all of them ended. It may also be seen that Zhao Benshan's failure Guo Degang will not choose to listed Deyun Society. After all, no one in the world of Huahua can guarantee that he will not forget his original intention, but then again, he does not seem to have made it about our protagonist Zhao Benshan today. What is too extraordinary.
    This after becoming fame is like a soil. This is the right of others. We have no right to interfere. The quality of the work will be largely reduced with the increase of age. This is an unusual matter. There are donations in Zhao Benshan in the Wenchuan and Yushu earthquakes. In the Wuhan epidemic prevention and control in the Wuhan epidemic prevention and control, Zhao Benshan donated money. Our joy seems to have become a habit now. If it continues, Guo Degang may be the next Zhao Benshan.

  2. Zhao Benshan was suspected to be investigated. From the unavailable plane to the current company, the company was exposed to illegally. What was going on? As mentioned earlier, we can't afford the plane, but now the branch has been checked, although it may mean that there is a problem with the Zhao Benshan commercial empire. But this is not a big deal for Zhao Benshan, Zhao Benshan has a large business empire. As the top star in the comedy world, Zhao Benshan made him popular all over the country with his own efforts. He appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala 24 times. At that time, people squatted in front of the TV to watch Zhao Benshan's sketch in 10 minutes. He has a high prestige in the comedy world. Now he is not as boring on the Spring Festival Gala Stage of Zhao Benshan.
    The development history of Zhao Benshan. Zhao Benshan experienced the ups and downs of life, experienced a tragic childhood and poverty, and eventually became famous in his thirties. The burden of life suffered too much, so he survived. He not only became a well -known king, but also established his own business empire.

    Since 1993, Zhao Benshan established the first company, Shenyang Benshan Art Development Company. Although it is mainly art, the company's business scope is wide. Metal materials, electromechanical products, electronic products, coal fuel, and medical equipment are within the company's business scope. It is said that 1/3 of the northeast coal is in the hands of Zhao Benshan and is a real mine.

    In 2003, Zhao Benshan established Benshan Media Co., Ltd. to turn to the development of the film and television industry. "Liu Laogen", "Rural Love Story" and "Marshal Marshal" and other hit dramas have brought a steady stream of wealth to Zhao Benshan. Today, Zhao Benshan integrates the art resources of the entire northeast. It is not only the booming Zhao family class, but also the big stage of Liu Laogen, and the television channels in the three east provinces.

    In 2010, Zhao Benshan entered the tenth place for the Forbes List of the Forbes for 104 million yuan. In an interview with media reporters, Zhao Benshan laughed, "I make this money every year?" According to conservative estimates, the income of Liu Laogen's big stage, even the revenue of the film and television drama under Benshan Media, plus the share fee under Zhao Benshan's name, Wait. Zhao Benshan's minimum income is also over 500 million a year.

    The purchase of private planes in Zhao Benshan was the peak period for the development of Zhao Benshan's commercial empire. It was also this year that Zhao Benshan specially spent 200 million yuan ordered a plane. The aircraft only accepts its own customization, not only to pay the full amount, but also wait for a whole year. The version ordered version of Zhao Benshan adopts the highest configuration as a whole, and the price of 200 million yuan is conservatively estimated.

    The is said to be extremely luxurious inside Zhao Benshan's plane, from living facilities to entertainment. Even the stewardess is carefully selected, with high value, high education, and good service attitude. The annual salary of the stewardess can reach 200,000 per year. This has also become a place where Zhao Benshan has met many stars, and is really envious of others.

    The aircraft is not only expensive, but also consumes amazing money. It is said that this luxury aircraft costs hundreds of thousands of each time. Even if you stand still, the cost of shutdown per night is at least 20,000 yuan.

    The media revealed that Zhao Benshan's company had serious illegal acts. Before, there were news that the media broke out by the media. The company is the Hainan Branch of Benshan Media Co., Ltd., and Zhao Benshan is the beneficiary of the company. At present, the company is in a state of cancellation, and Zhao Benshan's 1.3 billion investment has impacted the water drift. Official evidence shows that since April 2021, Henan Media Hainan Co., Ltd. has not disclosed the annual report of the enterprise in accordance with the corresponding laws and regulations. After being included in the blacklist, it has not been truthfully disclosed and will be liquidated according to law.

    The year of Zhao Benshan's assets, Zhao Benshan wanted to enter the south in a strong manner, and wanted to build a professional film and television base in Hainan and become a world -class tourist leisure destination. However, the film and television bases can't see the shadow in the past three years. The previous investment was made in water. Facing bankruptcy liquidation, Zhao Benshan has lost huge losses. In addition to Zhao Benshan's Benshan Media, Hainan Co., Ltd. encountered bankruptcy liquidation, and other industries under the banner of Zhao Benshan were not smooth. The previous Zhao Benshan wanted to enter the real estate market. He had invested 80 million yuan to build Shenyang Film and Television City, but lost. Zhao Family, founded by Zhao Benshan, has been far surpassed by Deyun Society in terms of comedy.

    Now that with the continuous development of the Internet, Zhao Benshan did not show the duettings and sketches of the northeast characteristics on the Internet for the first time, and missed a good development opportunity. Zhao Benshan's assets are also shrinking. Although Zhao Benshan's business has encountered Waterloo in recent years, for Zhao Benshan, even his bones have not hurt. Before we said that Zhao Benshan's annual income was at least 500 million yuan. Everyone talked about Zhao Benshan's investment and income in film and television.
    The company Zhao Benshan has covered all walks of life. In the early years, assets alone were enough for Zhao Benshan to eat for several generations. Zhao Benshan's wealth is far from what we think. Even the coffee star Zheng Shuang can earn 2.08 million yuan every day. That year, Zhao Benshan's popularity was no worse than Zheng Shuang. More than 200 million aircraft and 1.3 billion investment may not keep up with Zhao Benshan's year's income.

    The conclusion that Zhao Benshan is now over sixty, his body is worse every day, and the stage of the Spring Festival Gala has been exited. Rumors and disputes about Zhao Benshan have never calmed down a day. Some people say that 4 tons of gold was found in Zhao Benshan's house. Some people said that Zhao Benshan was suspected of being investigated in violation of the law. There were even rumors that Zhao Benshan was seriously ill and was about to die in the hospital. After exiting the Spring Festival Gala stage, he lived a seclusion life, away from the media and hustle and bustle, hoping to return to peace. I hope that marketers will make less rumors and give Uncle Benshan a peaceful old age.

  3. Zhao Benshan is a famous comedy star. His sketches are always fascinating, bringing a lot of laughter. After he became famous, he also accepted many apprentices and cultivated many successors. The master and apprentice of the Zhao family performed a lot of sketches in the Spring Festival Gala, leaving a lot of classic works. Now it is rumored that Zhao Benshan was checked and could not use the plane. The company also happened to the company. What is going on?

    . During the live broadcast, Zhao Benshan's daughter said that she had no money to raise planes
    The daughter of Zhao Benshan due to errors during the live broadcast, accidentally exposed the fact that his father could not support the plane. After Zhao Benshan became famous and had money, he bought a private jet of his own, which cost 200 million yuan. This aircraft is a luxury product that can drive its own private plane when traveling, which is also very convenient. But a plane needs to maintain maintenance every day and pay a stop fee. I don't know how much maintenance costs are daily, but Zhao Benshan pays 20,000 yuan a day's shutdown fee. Zhao Benshan now has no money to raise the plane and wants to sell the plane.
    . Zhao Benshan Company is facing bankruptcy
    The social development today is very fast. The development of the Internet allows people to watch Chinese programs in real time in a foreign country. Therefore, few people go to the scene to watch a program and other programs on the spot. They all watch on the mobile phone. Xiaobian saw a drama program on the mobile phone. For example, like the current Ace Deyun Society, it has made online programs, so that people can see their favorite cross talks without leaving home. However, Zhao Benshan did not keep up with the trend of the times, and he still performed offline. And Zhao Benshan can no longer appear on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, and very few TV dramas are also watched. Gradually he gradually became a businessman, but because of poor management, the company faced the threat of bankruptcy.

    . Zhao Benshan was suspected of violations of discipline and violations
    not only did Zhao Benshan himself have something to do, but his apprentices also had something to do. For example, if you sell fake weight loss pills, drunk driving, and the police have been found, and gambling, netizens lamented that Zhao Benshan was not good at people, and he always had something to do when he received his apprentices. The Hainan North Shan Media Company operated by Zhao Benshan was exposed by the media and did some violations of discipline and law. As the founder, he could not know, so this matter has something to do with Zhao Benshan himself. Today, Zhao Benshan is 64 years old. Although it was popular in his early years, his end is not very good now, and he is gradually unable to keep up with the times.

  4. Zhao Benshan has developed in the entertainment industry for many years. In fact, his capital is actually unpredictable. It can only be said that the funds in the entertainment industry are too complicated. Many people have obtained a lot of improper money in some means in the circle. Illegal investigation is likely to be suspected of illegal incidents.

  5. This is because a company under Zhao Benshan's name has illegal acts, so it was investigated by relevant departments, and it also had a great impact on Zhao Benshan's career development.

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