When I bought the diamond ring, I bought more than 50,000. How much can I sell for recycling?

When I bought the diamond ring, I bought more than 50,000. How much can I sell for recycling?

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  1. Diamond ring recycling is mainly to look at the 4C parameters of the diamond ring. The better the parameters, the higher the recovery price. Non -brand custom diamond rings, generally, second -hand recycling prices account for about 40,000 to 60 % of the purchase price, while brand diamond rings remove the brand premium, and the recycling price is 30-5 % of the purchase price. [Idle diamonds] for recycling diamond ring is good

  2. Diamond ring is currently a relatively common jewelry. Diamond ring can not only wear beautiful appearance. In recent years, many people have invested in diamonds. Therefore, diamond rings have attracted the attention of consumers. Old -style diamond rings, want to recover the old diamond ring, many people care about where to recover the diamond ring? What is the price of recycling? The doubtful friends follow the editor to find out.

    1. The method of recycling diamond rings
    The method of recycling diamond ring is generally recycled by diamond banks and merchants. Diamond Bank is a cash service for diamonds. It can be completed from the storage, investment, and realization of diamond storage, investment, and recovery. The diamonds are equivalent to money. This diamond bank is relatively mature abroad, but there are very few domestic in China. It is a good way to recover diamonds in merchants. Now many diamond merchants have diamond recycling business. You can monetize some diamonds, or you can use existing diamonds to calculate the difference. In this way Good diamond. However, the diamonds recovered by this merchant are basically only targeting their own brands, and the size of the diamond is best recovered by diamonds above 30 points.
    2. The price of recycling diamond rings
    The recycling price of diamond ring mainly depends on the weight and quality of diamonds. At present, the diamond ring of more than 30 points on the market has the value of recycling. The diamond ring with 20 points or even 10 points can only be recovered by a few hundred yuan. The diamond ring of 50 points or more has the function of maintaining the value, that is, the recovery price is similar to the purchase price. A good quality diamond ring has an appreciation function, and the recovery price of diamond ring is higher than the purchase price. Therefore, how much money recovery diamonds generally depends on the quality level and weight of diamonds.
    The method and price of recycling diamond ring first introduce this first. I believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the recycling of diamond rings. The above is for reference only. It is recommended to learn more and choose regular channels to recover diamonds.

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