4 thoughts on “About the matching of gold jewelry and platinum jewelry”

  1. First, it depends on your skin tone. If it is white, everything can be equipped with

    second. Essence

    The key jewelry must also be matched with skin tone. The background color is bright, everything is good, and the background color is deep. Pay attention. The background color is skin tone.

  2. The real successful jewelry must be considered: clothing, skin tone, temperament, and occasion to go.
    In general, it is not advisable to appear more than 3 colors on a person
    1: White and white are the best matching matching
    2: Gold and gold should not wear clothes that are not deep, because the color of gold is a color that is not deep and not shallow, not easy to
    highlighting gold.
    3: Platinum and gold matching can be possible. Well, it will be very beautiful if it is paired; I will give you a small suggestion: you can have a yellow -white belt or yellow and white shoes. The clothes can choose white but the neckline and cuffs have golden decoration.
    In general, in fact, you can give you three
    Anyway, you need to coordinate
    The flowers are worn by stars, but his hair is also like hen nest, and his expression is also careless-this is coordination.

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