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  1. French Fenix fenissa jewelry, known as "the eternal spark generated by the perfect collision of Impressionist Art and jewelry", is loved by people in the European jewelry industry. After time, it has designed a series of classic works, presenting a unique artistic beauty
    Fenix jewelry, which was born in the south of France, has elegant and magical magic. Every season, new products are released, which surprises and fascinates lovers who are interested in private customization and jewelry collection. Fenix insists on the perfection of all details, which makes the woman who owns her radiate the twin breath of angel and Satan. The fatal charm is irresistible in an instant
    this time, we are no exception. We insist on integrating "impressionistic painting style" into jewelry design and have the honor to invite famous Japanese jewelry designers to join us. A series of jewelry themed with "flowers" are carefully designed for Oriental women. Once listed, it was sought after by many upper class women. In ancient Greek mythology, flora, the God of flowers, worships beauty and youth. She is a synonym for feminine elegance, softness, luxury, pride, holiness, wisdom and beauty. Her charm can not even be described in Homer's epic. It is said that people only need to say the five words "flower god flora" in their mouths to satisfy their extravagant hopes for beauty
    painters have always liked to use the flowers of nature to express their aesthetic ideals. This time, the French Fenix jewelry designer also used flowers as an interpretation of the concept of women, and combined with the creation of modernist aesthetic space to transform the previous jewelry brand's expression of flowers from "flower shape" to "flower shape" of Fenix, further releasing the charm of flowers and showing the perfect characteristics of "flowers", To give the women they love a unique perfection. And convey the praise of human nature, human feelings and human love
    the exquisite craftsmanship shows the brilliance of diamonds.
    because of the love for the unpredictable light and shadow art and natural bright colors of Impressionist school in the 19th century, in the long years of jewelry design, Fenix, France, has always adhered to the art style of Impressionist school, insisted on selecting diamonds and colored gems with the best cutting technology, and pursued the change of light and shadow and the magnificent color of gems under the irradiation of different lights in a day. In the past 39 years, he has created a series of outstanding works and enjoys a high reputation in the field of private customization
    this season, Fenix jewelry masters once again presented the jewelry design of "impression painting style" - the latest "impression · fireworks" series of jewelry, showing the "flowing beauty" of Impressionism in the diamond combination shape. More importantly, the Impressionist concept of "light" is reflected incisively and vividly. In order to show the brilliant beauty of diamonds and fully reflect the fire color of diamonds, Each diamond presented to you is extremely bright. In order to achieve such a bright effect, the designer did not hesitate to carry out a rare inner three-dimensional polishing process on the metal surface and accurately locate the optical angle of each diamond. It took one year to complete the design manuscript of the "fireworks series". The art jewelry Fenix is another perfect impression to the world
    constant "fireworks" and changeable beauty
    every woman yearns for her perfect performance at any time and on any occasion (time and space). It is extremely important to choose a jewelry that represents her perfect match. If things outside the body can be changed, the only constant is the "fireworks" series, which can achieve constant "fireworks" and changeable beauty. Because she can express your perfect characteristics, and it is also your happy expression
    lavender lavender
    when purple and blue lavender blooms all over ancient Provence, romance is its only association. The geometric abstract shape is like a woman's sexy and graceful dancing posture. The 14 Diamonds shining with infinite light reflect the unique romantic feelings of women, and the rose gold with special polishing and sanding treatment is more elegant and luxurious
    lily of the valley majalis
    the lily of the valley, which symbolizes purity and softness, has become the source of inspiration for designers. It captures the flower shape of the lily of the valley when it blooms. It is round, full and elegant. With the unique light sensitivity of 8 bright diamonds and rose gold, it creates a ring that only elegant women deserve. Wearing her, it seems to achieve a kind of graceful elegance like the empty valley orchid
    she is endowed with gorgeous and noble temperament. Rose Gold creates an ice gold Aurora like luster, which reflects the eternal sparkle of diamond forging. This limited edition tulip pendant is shaped like a luxurious wine cup, lying quietly between her necks, adding elegant and luxurious Jinyao temperament to her, and shining between movement and silence
    a flower, a different woman. The designer planted Marguerite flowers with rich hearts in the jewelry industry. The rare inner three-dimensional polishing process makes the rose golden flower shaped inner wall reflect the brilliant light of the diamond like a mirror, and also reflect another self in the heart of a woman, proud and restrained, elegant and shining
    Calla Calla
    the finely processed rose gold vividly depicts the blooming Calla Calla. Its unfolding flower shape is just indicative of the vigorous and infinite vitality, and is like a holy flame. Diamonds shine eternal and sacred light, transparent and dazzling. It reflects the moving radiance of the pure, noble and holy goddess. Shining, only in a moment
    dew dew
    the wisdom of dew lies in that it moistens flowers and gives them fragrance and beauty, but never pride. Women, like dew, moisten his and her life. The drop shaped flower dew Pendant Made of rose gold reflects the unique wisdom of women with the light of diamonds
    the golden apple of ancient Greek mythology with the label of "the most beautiful" represents women's infinite yearning and longing for beauty. Having a golden apple is the desire of every woman. Forged in rose gold and centered on the glittering luxury diamonds, it symbolizes perfection, peace and happiness
    impression jadeite
    as the king of jade, jadeite was highly praised by the royal family in the Qing Dynasty, so it got the reputation of "Royal jade". Although jadeite is of noble origin, it has not been widely accepted by European designers. If the value of jadeite is higher than that of ordinary diamonds, many Fenix jewelry make full use of the traditional exquisite craftsmanship of private customization in France to give jadeite a new vitality, In the design, jadeite and diamond are delicately integrated to highlight the high-level jewelry customization concept of combining Chinese and Western styles.
    Fenix jewelry is deeply familiar with the essence of high-level jewelry design, boldly integrates into the high-quality jadeite of Myanmar, and sets with top-grade African diamonds. It creatively integrates them under the same design concept, not only retains the excellent traditional Chinese carving workers, but also uses the unique impression art style of Fenix, The Western-style luxury jadeite that tries to show "the combination of shape and meaning"
    Jewelry is used to embellish women's wonderful life. The perfect and vivid Fenix design master uses jadeite as the material of precious jewelry, only because "Chinese jade" is more suitable for Oriental women's unique elegance and implicit beauty, and matched with the western mainstream group setting diamond design, It greatly highlights the high-quality texture and luxury temperament of top-grade jadeite. Fenix launched the jadeite series with great collection value in August, which is perfect for women who pay attention to occasions. It will certainly become the finishing touch of fashion matching. Fenix opened the "private jewelry box"
    on April 30, 2009, the French high-end jewelry brand Fenix opened the "my private jewelry box" high-level jewelry appreciation party in Sofitel hotel. Wu Dawei served as the guest host of the party, and celebrities such as Ying caier and Meng Guangmei gathered at the party
    Fenix's four jewelry zones with different themes show guests luxury jewelry worth more than 100 million yuan. Among them, the rare color diamonds show off the whole exhibition hall. There is only one color diamond in every 100000 diamonds, and the color diamonds that can be made into jewelry are rare treasures. Hundreds of luxury colored diamond jewelry created by Fenix jewelry designers amazed the guests on the scene. The high-grade jewelry collected under the top jewelry brands, and the cocktail party with fashion celebrities will also become a gorgeous social arena in the fashion circle. Besides appreciating the charm of jewelry, the party program is more brilliant. The bold Jazz dance steps spin out gorgeous brilliance with moving melody. The ultra wide screen rear projection opened the show with a silhouette performance. After the luxury jewelry show performed by top famous models, Meng Guangmei made a stunning appearance with eight million colored diamonds. Wu Dawei, Ying caier and Meng Guangmei, senior VIPs of Fenix, shared their feelings of personal jewelry customization with Ana, the chief jewelry lecturer of Fenix. Meng Guangmei believed that only customized jewelry was a personal treasure and the most true expression of internal sensibility. There was also a surprise lottery at the scene. The carat diamond prize pushed the party to another climax... Fenix rendered the whole party with its French romantic style and private custom style
    Fenix has always been committed to charity. This party also held a public auction of the Fenix fireworks Apple jewelry collected by Ying caier, and donated the auction money to China Intangible Cultural Heritage Foundation for the protection and construction of intangible cultural heritage. In the evening, the organizer weekend pictorial and Fenix jointly advocated the construction of charity activities, built a broader charity platform, and left the most profound and unforgettable dinner memory for all guests. Fenix once again created the myth of jewelry luxury in May, when the iris was in full bloom, and opened a private night of exclusive customization

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