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  1. Zhou Shengsheng is a domestic first -line jewelry brand. Diamond ring is good in quality and style. Although the price is more expensive than the general brand jewelry, it is relatively cost -effective compared to the brand.
    The style of Zhou Shengsheng diamond ring is generally classic, but Zhou Shengsheng used his exquisite workmanship, making the diamond ring classic with showing elegance, so it is suitable for use as a wedding ring. The effect of wearing is pretty good.

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  3. Zhou Shengsheng's diamond ring is more cost -effective than international brands. It is more classic and more exquisite in style. It is suitable for use as a wedding ring.
    . Zhou Shengsheng diamond ring
    Zhou Shengsheng was the first golden jewelry company listed in Hong Kong in 1973. Adhering to the end of the weekly, the endless brand concept, strive to make every jewelry jewelry better. As a domestic first -line jewelry brand, Zhou Shengsheng diamond ring is good in both quality and style. Although the price of Zhou Shengsheng is more expensive than ordinary brand jewelry, compared to some big international brands, the cost performance is still relatively high. The workmanship is exquisite, so it is very suitable for use as a wedding ring, and the effect of wearing is also good.
    . The style of Zhou Shengsheng diamond ring
    The Zhou Shengsheng diamond ring has a wide range of styles. It is generally estimated that there are about 80 styles. These more than 80 styles are divided into more than ten series, such as Belief (Belief) , Diamond in Motion "Dazzling Diamond", FINERS PLAY "Finger Play", Infini Love Diamond "Love Diamond" series, etc. Among them Diamond's unique heart -shaped claw design, smart and exquisite, conveys the pursuit of perfect love, the perfect images of the eight -hearted arrow echo each other, witnessing the pure and eternal love of the two sides.
    . The "4 C" and other principles of the selection of diamond ring:
    1, cutting (cut):
    cutting is the only human factor in it. A skilled diamond cutter can make a good diamond ore dazzling, and he can reflect the internal light to the surface. The cutter wants to cut it as if left and right as if in the mirror. A good diamond ore may be deserted by the lack of technology of the cutter. An ideal diamond should be round and 58 clear cutting edges, which can reflect light to the greatest extent. A high -quality diamond has high value, strong reflexivity and symmetrical, but its cutting is not perfect. Cutting inferior diamonds may not be cut too deep or too shallow because it is to keep its maximum weight, so it cannot make it shine. Polishing technology will also affect the quality of diamonds. A perfect cutting, symmetrical diamonds may reduce value due to poor polishing.
    2, color (color):
    In some large jewelry shops will display some diamonds used for comparison. They list various color diamonds in a row to help customers compare because generally, because generally Customers cannot distinguish the color of diamonds with the naked eye. The color of the diamond is based on colorlessness, and gradually follows the yellow.
    3, clarity:
    In general, the value of diamonds determined by defects. More accurate, it depends on how much impurities in the drilling ore. Almost every drilling ore contains impurities, even with good quality drilling ore.
    4, Carat Weight:
    Carat was once considered a decisive standard for measuring the value of diamonds. When someone said that 2 carat diamonds were bought, people would feel incredible. In fact, the cutting, color and purity and weight of diamonds are equally important for diamond value. A 2 -carat diamond with a poor cutting process, yellowish color, and defective 2 carats is much lower than a perfect cutting, transparent and pure diamond. Therefore, the weight of diamonds is not the main factor that determines the value of diamonds. The weight of diamonds still affect its value. It is important to find out whether the weight of the diamond that the jewelry dealer tells you. Therefore, you can measure the weight of the diamond on the spot when you buy it. If the jewelry dealer is unwilling to do this, then go to other shops.
    5, inlaid:
    inlay is also an important part. If it is not inlaid, it will cause a lot of trouble, and it may cause the diamond to fall off. Therefore, when buying a diamond ring, be sure to check whether the bracket is firm and whether it is thick enough with the diamond.
    6, shape:
    now more and more styles on the market, jewelry designers are constantly innovating. But the more classic styles are round, oval, pearl -shaped and square. The shape of diamonds does not affect value and quality. Instead, it also reflects the original shape of the diamond before cutting.
    7. Written explanation:
    This diamonds should have a proof of authenticity, which shows the quality, weight, and cutting technology of the diamond. This is the guarantee for the diamond ring you buy.

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