2 thoughts on “How is it that there are many small holes on the surface of gold jewelry?”

  1. If the small holes on your jewelry exist in regular positions or the small holes appear in remote places (that is, the positions you do not find when you look closely), then these small holes are likely to exist after processing, not quality problems. Because many ornaments are hollowed out (this problem exists in hard gold ornaments), it is necessary to cast a mold in the production process. After the casting mold of the ornaments is OK, small holes need to be reserved to overflow the casting material, so it is normal. In addition, gold jewelry should be cleaned frequently, and try not to contact with chemicals to avoid discoloration and other phenomena.

  2. One possibility is the quality problem, and the other possibility is the contact with corrosive substances. It's better to find a third-party evaluation agency to see if it's true.

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