One thought on “How to buy peach wood products? Beijing Pinggu Tao Tao Craft Products Shopping Guide

  1. Tao Mu always occupies an extraordinary position in the traditional customs of China. According to legend, in ancient myths, the father died of thirst every day, and turned the cane to peach forest before dying. Since then, Tao Mu has become the protection god of exorcising ghosts, town houses, Qifu, and Ping peace. Decorative mascot. The meaning of peach woodnTaomu is also known as "Xianmu", and the essence of Wumi is also "a symbol of health and longevity." In the past, Tao Mu was given the mysterious power to people, and became a totem that people prayed for happiness and peace. Six hundred years old, thus the symbol of longevity. Legend has it that the Antarctic fairy palm dominated by the life span always holds a huge fairy peach, so the peach also has the saying of avoiding evils and sickness.nThe types of peach wood products can be roughly divided into peach wooden swords, peach wood town paper, peach wooden pen holder, peach wood Ruyi, picked wood jewelry, peach wood Buddha statue, peach wood pendant, peach wood phone, peach wooden war and other categories.nFeatures of Peach Wood ProductsnThe peach wood itself is bright, the pattern is clear, and the texture is hard. The longer the time it takes, the brighter it takes, and the rosy color is more vivid. The furnishings at home have both auspicious meaning and elegance, but also the value of appreciation and collection. It is a good choice for gifts and home furnishings.

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