It is said that it is cheap to buy gold in a pawn shop. Is it reliable to buy a gold necklace?

I'm in Hefei. How much is the price? Is the quality guaranteed? Consult the person who has bought it!

5 thoughts on “It is said that it is cheap to buy gold in a pawn shop. Is it reliable to buy a gold necklace?”

  1. Reliable, because pawn shops must have a pawn license, a special industry license, and a business license
    there are guarantees for buying gold in regular pawn shops for the following reasons:
    1. Pawn shops are equipped with professional civil goods appraisers, who will identify the authenticity and fineness of gold at the time of collection, so don't worry about encountering fake gold, only to reduce the price for quick realization
    2. In case the pawnbroker makes a mistake in appraisal, it is usually used as a teaching material internally. In line with the principle that commercial reputation cannot be harmed, it will not be sold to consumers on the counter. Therefore, it is reliable to buy gold in a regular pawnbroker. Of course, for the sake of insurance, you can ask for a guarantee or invoice when purchasing
    benefits of pawn shops:
    1. Gold in pawn shops can be purchased. Like pawn in ancient times, pawn shops today can either pawn, redeem, or purchase. Therefore, in pawn Huang can buy gold
    there are two advantages of buying gold in pawn shops:
    1. The price is favorable. Most gold purchased in pawn shops is pawn goods, and the buyer is buying the goods for the second time. Therefore, there will be a certain difference in price, so there is no need to worry about buying fake goods
    2. The products are formal. Like gold shops, the pawn industry will arrange professional appraisers to identify and evaluate each gold pawn
    2. Most people don't understand why gold ornaments can be purchased in pawn shops. In fact, from a professional perspective, many people will decide when to redeem them and reach an agreement with the pawnbroker. However, if they do not redeem them due to lack of funds, they will become the best pawn products in pawn shops. For pawnbrokers, they will sell them in order not to lose money, So start with the price and get money
    expansion data:
    according to the relevant staff, the price of gold purchased in pawn shops is sometimes half as low as that in the market. Therefore, in recent years, more and more people prefer to buy gold in pawn shops rather than other sales markets. This will benefit the people from another perspective, but they will not worry about the appearance of fake goods.

  2. Reliable. I have worked in a pawnbroker, and I know this better. When a pawnbroker collects gold, there will be a special person to identify it and determine its value before it dares to buy it. The price of the purchase will be nearly half lower than the price on the market. Of course, the people who pawned jewelry wanted to redeem it at that time, but many people were short of money to redeem it at the deadline, so it became an absolute pawn product. When the pawn behavior was realized and the jewelry was turned into money, they had to sell it, Of course, the price will be higher than his purchase price, but it will be lower than the market price. Don't worry, the pawn shop is trustworthy. After all, it is a legal enterprise under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Commerce!

  3. reliable. The price of gold jewelry in pawn shops is much cheaper than that in gold shops. If you want to buy gold necklaces at a low price, you can choose to go to pawn shops. The quality is evaluated by professional appraisers, and the quality is guaranteed. However, you must choose a professional and reliable pawn to buy.

  4. Buying gold in a pawn shop is absolutely reliable. 24K is 24K and 18K is 18K. It won't deceive people
    the price is much cheaper than the market price. I suggest you go to Chow Tai Fook and Chow Chow Fook to see the price first, and then go to the pawn shop to see the price. It will surprise you. It's absolutely worth it.

  5. Reliable. I bought gold in Hongtai pawn in Qingdao. It is indeed much cheaper than the market price. Moreover, their industry is regulated by the Ministry of Commerce, and they are relatively regular. You can buy it with confidence.

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