5 thoughts on “My wife is going to have her birthday. Please think of a way to send some gifts.”

  1. Send the puzzle. It's definitely a surprise. I don't have to worry too much. It's not very expensive and it's very interesting. Last year, I gave my boyfriend a jigsaw puzzle of the starry sky on his birthday. It was inspired by the new movie starry sky. I bought 1000 pieces of wood, which cost more than 180 yuan. It took me a week to put them together. Although it was very difficult, we were very happy after the completion. If you think it is still a little expensive, you can buy paper ones, and the better ones are more than 50. Girls have a small heart. You can buy a Leo one for her, and put it together and hang it in a frame. It's very good ~

  2. Go to the place where you sell red beans to buy two catties of red beans, and then pick out 18 of the most beautiful or fun ones at home. Go to the place where you make bracelets or necklaces, and process them into bracelets (necklaces), or you can process them yourself after using needles. It's also good and better to be refined, and then add packaging
    red beans symbolize Acacia. At the same time, you tell him that you love him. This is custom-made for you. It is not gold and silver nor jewelry. It is just my missing for you
    if this doesn't work, then send a pet. It's cute. Rabbits are the best. They won't bite or scratch people.

  3. If she is an Anime fan, giving her seven dragon balls is tantamount to giving him a wish, and his own wish will be easily realized ~! (this move was given to me when I married my wife) it's very effective. Taobao is only over 40 yuan, which is not expensive. You can do it yourself if you can't
    it doesn't matter if the fund is not large. Before going to KTV, tell the front desk when it will arrive. Change the music to her favorite or birthday song. You don't need any money. When you sing, go out and buy a few bottles of wine (it doesn't matter) ~! Ask the waiter to prepare a ring to hang on the straw of the goblet. Only the wine costs money
    if you use your mobile phone or ask a special media company to make a short film, it will appear on the screen after singing. It is quite romantic and touching. It may take about 500 minutes for a media company to make a short film within 5 minutes. You can do it without money. After shooting, you can find any software on the Internet, but the effect is not so good. It's still free to put the film in your private room, but you should tell the front desk in advance to put the sample film in
    if the Dragon Balls in front are sent out, it's easy to do ~! Just take her to realize what he wants ~! If your wish is too far fetched, tell him that it will be realized in a few years!

  4. If you can carefully arrange KTV scenes for your wife, it's best to do it alone, so that your wife and your wife's friends will be surprised. This will also give your Leo wife face and dignity. Or you may buy something your wife dreams of or something cute. The surprise is always subtle. Or you can take out a decent ring. You just need to give her a promise that can be fulfilled. For example, I can't give you a diamond ring now, but I will definitely exchange it with you in the future. You can exchange your ring for a diamond ring, and my heart will be handed over to you. It is like a ring that firmly binds us. Happy birthday, baby. The surprise is always unexpected and always subtle. Everything depends on your heart.

  5. It is suggested that you mail things to your wife's office, then go home, clean up the house, buy a bunch of roses, put them in the house, and attach a greeting card ~ ~ then you don't know anything, go to her office to pick her up ~ ~ as for shopping ~ ~ you can buy some crystal necklaces or something ~ ~ after you go home, you can cook a meal for her personally. It's OK. I used to do this. The effect is good. Give me a score. Ha ha ~
    practical advice: send an iPad~

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