4 thoughts on “Now Tiktok is selling gold jewelry live on double 11. Is it true that it is so cheap?”

  1. the gold sold on Tiktok is not real. Real gold cannot be so cheap. . They are generally gold-plated or gold-clad. Because the main purpose of Tiktok live broadcast is to sell goods at a low profit, and many goods are directly sold by manufacturers

    the so-called 24 K gold plating on copper has a pitiful amount of gold I believe that many people actually understand that there is a limit to the price of gold. However, when they encounter the emotional promotional activities in the live broadcast, when they see that their appearance is not much different from that of gold, they will start to waver and even have a reverse self persuasion

    these sand gold and copper gilding are often very good, not only 999 printing, but also the certificates are fully equipped, which is more convincing. According to the reporter's secret interview, those who sell sand gold often send a real gold sample, and then the same product is identified 100 times, and there are 100 identification certificates

    even more reluctant merchants, they simply concluded a transaction with the small appraisal center and did not even want the real gold samples. Instead, they directly identified the sand gold jewelry as full gold . This does not mean that people should not trust certificates, but should trust large institutions, authority certificates . For example, " national gold and silver products quality supervision and inspection center

    whether it's gold-plated jewelry or copper-plated jewelry, there is no right or wrong in itself. However, it's deceptive to use these alloy metals with a cost as low as a few yuan to impersonate precious metals. Consumers have the right to know what they are buying. It is also right to seek a cheap price, but it is very problematic to use this mentality to conduct false propaganda

    the following commodities of Tiktok live broadcast cannot be purchased:

    1. Small live broadcast rooms sell big brands. The first thing to be vigilant is that some small live broadcast rooms sell some brand commodities at prices lower than the market price

    2. Online red goods. The second is some online red goods. There is no guarantee for the quality of many online red goods. Moreover, the online red products used during live broadcast are not the same as those you purchased

    3. Cosmetics and skin care products. The last one is some cosmetics and skin care products. The cost of this kind of counterfeiting is very low. Not only is it difficult to guarantee the efficacy and quality of the products, but also the counterfeits are very easy to spread, which is not basically distinguishable by professional personnel

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