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  1. Gold is divided into five types of 1,24K 2,22K 3,18K 4,14K 5,10K. At present, the most on the market is 24K and 18K. The so -called 18K gold refers to 75%gold plus 25%silver and copper. With The proportion of silver and copper produces yellow, white or red. And 18K platinum, because the proportion of silver is large, it is shown in white, commonly known as 18K platinum. Platinum (PT), which is more stable than gold, and the price is also the price. It is more expensive than gold, and is used to make high -end jewelry. The "PT900" or "PT950" seen on the products of jewelry stores represents the content of platinum in the jewelry of 90 % and 95 %, respectively. The general purity of pure platinum jewelry is 95 %, and platinum -colored jewelery is more than 990 ‰ of platinum. Generally, there are "foot platinum" marks. The "P950" mark indicates a platinum with a color of 950 ‰. The white K gold is required to indicate the KK number. K means the gold content, such as 18K white, 750g, 750 gold, and AU750. The purity of platinum jewelry is not expressed as "K". The white K gold and K platinum jewelry sold on the market are not platinum jewelry. When buying platinum jewelry, you should ask the operator to issue an invoice. Write whether it is platinum or white 18K gold in the invoice. It is best to indicate the weight of the jewelry, so that it is easier to claim when the fraud occurs. 925 is usually the sign of the silver. 925 silver refers to the silver containing 92.5%of the silver. It is recognized as sterling silver internationally and is also an international standard silver for the international silver jewelry. 100 % silver is softer. 925 silver is 92.5 % silver 7.5 % copper synthetic silver. After adding the copper ingredients, the silver makes the silver more hard and gloss. Since its launch in 1851, 925 silver has become the main force in the silver jewelry market. With its fresh color, unique style, and exquisite craftsmanship, it has become the love of fashion men and women around the world. With the opening of the silver jewelry market, the trend of silver jewelry in the world has gradually become popular in China, and the domestic silver jewelry market will have large -scale popularity.

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