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  1. What is the gift left in autumn? The warm wind did not know when it was quiet; the green leaves did not know when they didn't know when they quietly changed into the yellow clothes; the safflower wondering when she was quietly withered; Sister Qiu didn't know when she came quietly.
    Sister Qiu prepared the fruits of the trees first. Look! Huang Chengcheng's persimmon, red apples, purple grapes, golden duck pears, and crescent -like bananas have everything. Fragrant flows in the transparent light. Many fruits, the best food should be pomegranate. Each pomegranate seed is wrapped in a layer of pink film. The shiny seeds are like diamonds, and they are like children's teeth. They are sweet and sour.
    Sister Qiu sent us a full -branched osmanthus. Look! A blossoming osmanthus fragrant fragrant, the petals are yellow, smooth like a wax, shining in the sun. "August osmanthus, fragrant floating ten miles", the aroma is fresh, making people feel refreshed. Fresh osmanthus is made by the wise masters as osmanthus cakes and osmanthus tea. It has both the sweetness of osmanthus and can relieve her thirst. It can be described as two units.
    Sister Qiu also sent us a beautiful scenery. The autumn is high, and the blue sky is like a glass of glass. The crooked clouds, white and white, leisurely drifting around. There are thousands of weather, and the harvest is imminent. In the field, the rice waves are rolling, and the fragrance is fragrant. The autumn wind was swept away, and the leaves fell, like a butterfly dancing, beautiful and agile.
    Sister Qiu gave us delicious fruit, fragrant osmanthus, beautiful scenery. I love autumn, and I love the generous and generous Sister Qiu!

  2. Autumn gifts are already on the road, wait for the seal! Huang Chengcheng's persimmons, red apples, purple grapes, golden duck pears, crescent bananas, bright purple eggplant, green white cabbage, and red pepper, everything is available. The autumn wind has slowly crossed the field, and every corner will contribute a unique gift.

    The autumn will send us a bunch of red and yellow leaves, as well as the sound of stepping on the deciduous, squeak, chirling, click. Falling leaves will make a crisp sound that belongs to this season, which makes people feel particularly pleasant. The leaves are the colorful paper and toys given to us in nature. They walk into a quiet ginkgo tree path. The endless gifts land in the wind, bent their waist and put them in their pockets, and soon return to the load. Character in the pages, make cuts, or draw a beautiful pattern on the leaves with a colorful pen to outline colorful stories. A few autumn leaves can play the afternoon. For example, draw a ladybug on the deciduous leaves, and cover it with a few deciduous leaves to make the ladybug hibernate. Do you not want to pick up the completely fallen leaves on the road as a canvas other than paper, painting another gorgeous world under the gifts of nature?

    This, try not to have fingers, use leaves and children to play scissors with scissors! The ginkgo leaves with two branches are "scissors". The red maple leaves are unfolding like five fingers, and they are used as "cloth". Where can I find "stones"? There are not many round leaves in nature, so just oval! In the four seasons, the winter green trees are enough. From a distance, they are like a green ball; when you look close, the winter green trees are oval, the leaves are dark green, and they are thick and hard to touch their hands. Compared with summer, they have changed from emerald green to dark green. Touch it, although it is smooth, the light has receded. Pick a piece of the largest and most round winter leaves to make "stones"!

    did you receive the autumn gift? The cool air these days in the morning and evening is in the autumn to say hello to you! Autumn has given you a hug of "slightly cool". When you come to the river and see a layer of mist by the river? It was a shy bridge wearing a gauze given in autumn. The autumn rain has been continuous these days, and the autumn rain has given us a lot of gifts, such as the red dragonflies in the sunset, the ponds and rainbow after the rain, and there are many sounds, rustling, dripping, rowing, ding.

    The most fun gifts brought by the rain are pine cones beaten from the tree. The pine cones just picked up were wet, holding a little sticky in their hands. In the wet autumn rainy days, the pine cones picked up between the grass, and the seeds in the scales were shrinking together! However, it doesn't matter. Put the pine cones on the window sill and dry it. It won't be long before, the scales of pine cones will be dry, showing me the appearance of the eaves, and the dried pine cones will emit a faint pine tree. I think about it. After the pine cones are dry, choose a large and beautiful pine cones, decorate the scales of pine cones with colorful cotton balls, and fix it with a rubber gun. Alternatively, apply a shiny golden paint for pine cones to make it the golden pine cone of Santa Claus. You can also use white acrylic pigments, which are slightly applied to the scales that are developed like pine cones like wings, just like the first sporadic snow that fell this winter.

    The meaning of the season is to keep leaving gifts for the world, so that the four seasons can be circulated forever and live in the gift left.

    The spring, summer, autumn and winter, the season is the flow of gifts.

    Che this flow, this passes, the gift reaches the promised place; keep up with this flow, this settled, the flow has not been given to everyone average. Many gifts are not given to humans at all! The gift ran back to the jungle, the gift was buried into the earth, and the gifts were scattered in the wind. The gift is just a moment, and if you miss it, you miss it.

  3. The gift left in autumn is full of window flowers on the windows full of individual characteristics. The flames of calers in the mountains and the best gifts in autumn are the joy of harvest. Because of the hard work of self -employment, you can finally gain a successful harvest and get the results of your own. Autumn is a romantic season.

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