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  1. When it comes to what a woman is wearing for wealth, everyone knows, some people ask my eight characters to bring wealth? What is gold, jade, or something? Please understand the master of this aspect to answer me, thank you. In addition, some people want to ask the lady what to wear, do you know what is going on? In fact, what jade pendant is good for women? Let ’s take a look at what kind of jade stores girls wear together. I hope it can help everyone!
    What jade pendant wealth for women
    It girls wear or wish, see her favorite. Pendant, a kind of jewelry, jewelry wearing on the neck, mostly metal, especially stainless steel and silver, as well as ore, crystal, jade, etc., mainly used to pray for peace, calm mind and beauty. A kind of jewelry loved by the Chinese people. The pendant is generally a special -shaped subject, and then connects it with a rope or metal chain. The rope is not easy to hurt the neck, but it is easy to break for a long time. Metal ropes are better with stainless steel or silver. These two materials have no side effects on the skin, especially catering! But the metal is hard. Pay special attention! Modern women are fashionable and independent, wearing a chic jade pendant on the neck, adding a confidence and elegance. Women like to wear jade pendants, not only because of its decorative effect, but more importantly, wearing jade is also good for the body. Since ancient times, my country has the reputation of "the country of jade". The ancient medicine book calls "the beauty of jade is the beauty of the stone, and it tastes sweet and flat, and it is said that jade is the most abundant substance in the human body. I believe that sucking jade, with the help of saliva with its synergy, "to relieve thirst, remove the heat in the stomach, the place where it is annoyed, nourish the heart and lungs, moisturize the throat, and nourish hair." Therefore, jade is not only used as jewelry, decoration, decoration Used, also used for body fitness. Generally, jadeite and Hetian jade are used for the material of jade pendants. These Hetian seed jade, emerald, etc., which condensed Oriental feelings, have gone through millions of years of experience to become today's precious gems.
    What jade pendant is a woman with a woman?
    What accessories does my eight -character belt bring wealth? What is gold, jade, or something? Please understand the master of this aspect to answer me, thank you. Gold and Silver Jewelry: It has the role of wealth. The golden color of the golden Chancan has the charm of wealth, and the white metal, because of the gold in the five elements, also has the function of recruiting wealth ~
    gemstone jewelry: diamond, sapphire, natural precious gem Wealth, showing noble spirit.
    This: Yellow Crystal Jewelry: It is considered as absorbing wealth in Feng Shui. It is recognized as the effect of recruiting wealth and is suitable for long -term wearing large particles! What a pendant to make money for a woman.
    It jade jewelry: jade bracelet, jade Pei, jade is suitable for female friends to wear, which can be wealthy and healthy. But don't wear fake jade.
    Wallets: Gold and silver buckle wallets will have gold absorption. Zipper -like, easy to break the wealth ~ there are red wallets, red is "red", red wallet does not gather money ~
    In addition to the jewelry wearing, there are also wealth accessories placed in the home: golden toad, jade cabbage, Recruiting a wealthy tree, recruiting a wealthy cat, what pendant of the golden turtle woman wearing wealth.

    Whats of jade pendant for women to wealth: What do ladies wear in terms of Feng Shui, you are now a villain in Fan or have spiritual interference. You can wear some parts, pendants, bracelets, etc. to prevent villains. In terms of material, I recommend crystal categories. Because there are many types of crystals, the prices are relatively cheap, and they have capacity. Different types of crystals also have different levels of targeted levels. Obsidian's ability is the best ability to open up stones. Obsidian is one of the crystals of volcanic magma, and its main ingredients are the same as crystal, so obsidian belongs to crystal. Moreover, obsidian production is very large, the price is relatively cheap, and the effect on feng shui is very outstanding. You can buy obsidian bracelets or pendants. If you pendant, you can buy a puppet.貔貅 has the functions of opening, turning evil, preventing villains, and recruiting wealth. Can meet your requirements. However, it must be invited or later, and it may not work. If you think you are so troublesome, you can buy obsidian bracelets.
    It if you think obsidian is not beautiful, you can also buy white crystals, blonde crystals, titanium crystals, tiger eye stones and other crystals, or agate. These have a powerful role, but the price is relatively expensive, and the tiger -eye stones are cheaper. However, I still think obsidian is the best. I also like obsidian myself, and I have experienced obsidian ability.
    The above is the relevant content of what kind of jade stores with girls. What accessories can I bring about wealth? What is gold, jade, or something? Please understand the master of this aspect to answer me, thank you. Share. After watching what the woman wears wealth, I hope this will help everyone!

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