5 thoughts on “What should I ask for dinner and buy something?”

  1. Since it is a pro -family, there is this etiquette. Buying some tea, red wine, fruits, etc. can be used. You do n’t need too much. If you are too expensive, you can also ask your children to inquire about the preferences of the other parents. The gift was sent to the heart of my family. The gifts selected in this way must be a good gift that you like to reflect your good intentions.

    1, specialty
    For a region, especially not in the same province, bringing local specialties is a very good choice. This represents great respect for the other party. Essence
    2, nutritional products
    For the previous age, nutritional products are definitely not wrong, so it is a good choice to see some nutritional products from your family. Put off to condolences.
    3, wine
    The choice of errors will not have a wrong choice when you bring wine on the door. Whether it is the other party drinking or drinking, sending wine in China is a gift representative, so this is a versatile ones gift.
    4, tea
    tea is a traditional Chinese drink. Many middle -aged people like to drink tea, pass the time, and make a cup of tea every day, so it is very practical for tea delivery. Can be treasured.

  2. The two people eat together to give gifts together to enhance the feelings of both parties. To say what gifts are good, then you have to invest, and you must look at the economic level of both parties. For example, the economic level of both parties is very average, then buy one or two according to the other party's preference, or simply buying tobacco and alcohol. You can also buy some gadgets, such as playing walnuts, small hands or something. In short, if the two people look right, they are good, as long as the other party is taboo.

  3. 1. The specialty of the hometown

    The specialty products are the most suitable gift options. Especially when the two parties are not in one place, the specialty of the hometown is equivalent to a business card from a hometown. Essence

    2. Made in your own

    The means of eating some foods made by your own manufacturing, because some people are relatively close to their hometown, similar products, or specialties are not very good, so It is not very convenient. It is very good to choose some snacks, snacks, etc. you make, and it looks very good at home.

    3, the other party's preference

    If the other party has obvious preferences, such as tobacco and alcohol or like dancing square dance, then you can choose to meet with the other party's preference Gifts, tobacco and alcohol tea or fans of the square dance are all possible. You don't need to be too expensive, you don't need to buy too much, just express your mind.

  4. Since it is a family, there is this etiquette. Buy some tea, red wine, fruits, etc., you don't need too much, too expensive! You can also ask your children to inquire about the other parents' preferences. In this way, the choice of gifts is targeted and can truly send the gifts to the hearts of their own house. The gifts selected in this way must be a good gift that you like to reflect your good intentions.

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