3 thoughts on “Where can I buy a diamond ring in Hangzhou? Where is the jewelry store concentrated and the quality is reliable, thank you!”

  1. Hangzhou buying diamond ring is generally a jewelry counter for large shopping malls. For example, large shopping malls such as Hangzhou Building, Department Store, Hangzhou Department Store, Intime and other large shopping malls have jewelry counters. You can also buy it from the local mining hall.

  2. I feel that this is a separate buying nude stone, and then looking at the inlaid style, it is a long time to get the finished product. Diamonds depends on the international certificate. Diamonds are now relatively large in Guangzhou and Shanghai. I do n’t know much about the others. I suggest you see online sellers in those two places to consult.

  3. Go to Hangzhou Lake Yintai IN77. This film is a bustling commercial and tourist area, next to the West Lake, there are five ABCDE in the lake and Yintai, and there are many high-end jewelry brands in Intime IN77. You can customize only one DR diamond ring in your life

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