2 thoughts on “Which is better, Chinese gold diamond ring or Wang Laowu diamond”

  1. If you have no special preference for the brand, I suggest you customize it with naked diamonds. The diamond ring purchased in this way is the most cost-effective
    before buying diamonds, it is recommended that you learn more about diamonds to avoid being fooled by others.
    I hope it will help you

  2. If you want to pursue the brand, you can choose the former. In fact, diamonds are not divided into brands. They mainly depend on the quality of diamonds, that is, 4C (cutting clarity, color size) and the authoritative certificate, that is, GIA certificate. It is better to have one diamond with two certificates. The larger the brand, the same quality of diamonds will have a large brand premium. There is no need to spend more money on the same thing to pay for its brand fees and advertising expenses. It is more cost-effective to customize the factory

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