3 thoughts on “Why are gold 3 9 now? There are no 4 9?”

  1. This is actually a gimmick of some merchants. When you sell second -hand gold, you will be calculated according to the three nine golden gold. So even 9999 gold bought at high prices is completely meaningless when recycling. Think about the purity of 0.09%of the purity of 0.09%. In fact, it does not make much sense. The purity of the three nine represents gold is 99.9%, and the purity of the four nine represents gold is 99.99%. Usually, the purity of 99.9%of the gold is called thousands of gold. The purity of 10,000 -footed gold is higher, and the price is relatively high. Most gold jewelry is thousands of gold, and the BRICS is mostly performer.

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