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  1. What gift does a new home give? However, the red envelope is unavoidable to fall into the custom. Many friends are unwilling to give money directly, so everyone will give away what they will give! In order to show your taste and express your mind, you can choose large potted plants. The new family formaldehyde is heavy. Plants are a good thing, which can improve air quality and kill harmful gases. It can also play a prosperous role. Evergrover green plants on large leaves can drive the air field and balance the feng shui. Rich bamboo, golden Ge, etc. are all possible.

    Cofling trees
    It is definitely a good sign to send rich bamboo and get rich. Intersection And you can adjust the air quality at home!
    It phalaenic orchid
    Thoch orchid is also a good choice. This flower blooms very rich and very energetic. It looks like the life of the owner's home. The key is that this flower is also easier to feed! Add a lot of color to the family!

    The beauty in Lily's "Pepsi Shunxin", "Red Fire" represented by the Red Palm, and "Healthy and Happiness" represented by carnation, in a pleasing way in life, in a pleasing way , Intertwined together, blooming the future of "flourishing". It is a blessing to give it to relatives and friends who move to a new home, and even hope. Life is like a song, happiness is like flowers.
    The congratulatory congratulations with flowers as relatives and friends have now become a way of being sought after; letting flowers take our best congratulations, both expressing their minds and simple and convenient.
    On one of the taboo gifts: tea sets, coffee cups
    Is to give this, pay attention to whether the owner ’s family will mind this bad meaning (cup tool-tragedy) If there are more taboos, try to avoid sending such gifts!
    The taboo gifts: There is a "clock" on the cross stitch
    This is very taboo. Everyone should pay attention, the meaning of "send the clock-end" means! Everyone doesn't like it! Be careful not to give gifts for a moment of convenience!

  2. The joy of moving should be congratulated. One of the major events of life is to have a home, and now, buying a house is so difficult to buy a new house. It is really difficult to buy. Congratulations.

    The gifts with a moving significance are still some. You can choose a high -end, novel ones, preferably cheap:

    1, European couple swan Swing: The couple invite you to see the new house. Of course, you also want to bless them, buy a pair of swans symbolizing loyalty of love, and wish them to bring their old age.

    Centen -year good couple swan ornaments

    100 -year -old good couple swan ornaments
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    Swing: Peacock is a symbol of family harmony and love. It can also inject some new vitality into the new house. It is believed that it must be a decoration suitable for new homes.

    The couple swan wedding desk lamp
    Couple swan wedding platform lamps
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    : ¥ ¥ 5
    Use period: 2020.10.30 -2020.12.29
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    3, high -end red wine frame decoration: Now the house is more and more focused on decoration high -end and beautiful appearance, you can send it to you His decoration of red wine is very foreign.

    The retro -old car red wine rack
    The retro old car red wine rack
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    4, a sailing sand and lush gold decoration: after the new home Of course, if you hope everything goes well, you can take the sailing vessels at the moment, and the appearance of the sand velvet gold is very beautiful.

    The wealth and fortune cattle ornaments

  3. What gifts are good for moving, what gifts do you send for a warm pan, what gift is good for moving to move

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  4. The new home has been moved, and you can dinner. What gift is good? This depends on your economic situation. The relationship with you and him. If the relationship is average, then you buy a small gift for him. If the relationship is good, you can buy her a big gift, for example, buy it A sweeping robot, buy him a TV, or buy him a refrigerator, or you give him thousands of dollars and give tens of thousands of dollars. what gift? Of course, the more expensive, the better. It is best to say that you will be decorated with the house. If you don't want to spend money, then you will either you can eat 350 meals. You Just buy a bouquet of flowers and give it to her, or buy a vase for him, or you can buy some food for him. Is it easy? Do you still use Baidu to ask?

  5. This is very simple, just buy something that he can use by his new family. If you and him are very good, just ask him, such as: microwave oven buy? Oh, I didn't buy it, then don't buy it, I'll send you one. If the relationship is just average, then buy a decoration, such as vases, bonsai.

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