3 thoughts on “After a few days, I will go to Dalian to go on a business trip. My friend asked me to bring him some specialties. What is better?”

  1. Seafood products are basically a specialty of Dalian. High -end gifts are sea cucumbers. Now little abalone should be cheap. Conch and scallops are squid and grilled fish slices. Now the living conditions are good. selling

  2. Dalian is most famous for seafood. It tastes good and affordable. Our family has always bought this brand. And these packaging products are very convenient to carry. It's good to bring this.

  3. Going to Dalian on a business trip to my colleagues and friends to bring some seafood products back to it. The seafood quick -frozen products of Karama here are famous, the price is not expensive, and the taste is also very good. The products are convenient to carry, and there are face -to -face.

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