5 thoughts on “Can a diamond ring be stained with water? Can I take a shower without picking it?”

  1. Rings can be stained with water, and wearing rings can wash things. However, when washing things and wearing rings, those washing liquid, washing powder and soap will coat the rings with a layer of dirt, and the rings will lose luster after a long time. Moreover, some detergents will corrode the rings, so it is better to cherish jewelry and reduce wearing jewelry and washing things.

  2. You can touch the water, but try to take off the diamond ring when taking a bath and doing housework.
    when I bought the diamond ring in Chengdu nortas, the consultant said that the diamond ring can be stained with water

  3. "Diamond rings can touch water, but if you wash your hands, you should try to remove the diamond rings, because some things such as hand sanitizer or detergent can corrode our diamond rings. Over time, our diamond rings may lose their original luster and produce some irreversible situations. Of course, you can touch water when doing something..."

  4. You can touch the water. If you can't touch the water, it's fake. Of course, you don't need to take it off when you take a shower. It's easy to lose it if you pick it back and forth

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