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  1. Can be absorbed with water. Diamond ring, gold ring and silver ring are chemically stable and will not react with water

    gold has stable chemical properties and strong corrosion resistance. It does not react with oxygen in the air even at high temperature (except for pure oxygen under certain conditions). Gold does not react with oxygen and sulfur at high temperature. Its chemical properties are very stable and stronger than silver (silver will oxidize to silver oxide at 1500 ° C, and gold will not react with oxygen even at 3000 ° C)

    the characteristic oxidation number of silver is 1, and its chemical property is worse than that of copper. Under normal temperature, it does not interact with oxygen in water and air even when heated. However, it can turn black and lose the silver white luster after long exposure to air. This is because silver and the H 2 s in air are converted into black Ag 2 s

    extended data

    precautions for gold rings

    the chemical substance of cleaning essence can change the color of gold, so you should take off the gold jewelry before cleaning

    avoid direct contact with perfume, hair gel and other highly volatile substances, otherwise it will easily lead to the fading of gold ornaments

    when swimming, take off the gold ornaments to avoid chemical changes on the surface after touching the seawater or pool water

    when reporting, wrap it with flannel cloth and put it into the jewelry box to avoid mutual friction and damage

    gold is soft and easy to deform, so don't pull necklaces and other accessories to avoid deformation

    pure gold jewelry will produce chemical reaction when encountering mercury, and white spots will appear. When cleaning, it can restore its original color as long as it is roasted under an alcohol lamp for a while

    Silver Ring precautions

    1. It is best not to wear it when bathing and sleeping

    2. Don't wear your favorite when swimming, especially seawater, which is very corrosive to silver products

    3. When it is hooked to hair, clothes and other objects, do not pull it forcefully. Because 925 silver has a high content of silver, it is relatively soft, and it is easy to deform if it is too hard

    4. Do not directly contact with sulfur when wearing other clothes at the same time. Silver and sulfur will produce chemical reaction

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  2. It is better not to wash your hands with a ring, because the chemical elements in the hand sanitizer may corrode the diamonds or gold ornaments and make the gems lose their original luster
    a ring is an ornament that can be worn by anyone. The custom of wearing rings has a long history. Different places have different meanings for different wearing methods. The material may be metal, gemstone, plastic, wood or bone.

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