One thought on “Give a female colleague diamond ring. She took a look at it and said it was too expensive. I asked me how much I bought it with my colleagues. Why?

  1. The diamond ring can not be worn casually. It should be said that the two people have set a marriage contract or a matter of love. The two have acquiesced, so they will receive such valuable gifts. Everyone admires vanity. Want to wear a crown. Such a valuable gift. If he wants to walk with you, or if he has acquiesced, she will bring it. Although he did not take it away, he was afraid that he could not afford the weight of this relationship, but he still wanted to show it, and asked you how expensive this ring can you see how important he is in your mind, or How much you look at this relationship. Showing with my colleagues, showing how charming it is, there is a boy who gave me a diamond ring, how expensive.

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