5 thoughts on “What gifts do you usually give in buying a car? What are more practical?”

  1. Different 4S shops will be different, but they can be divided into two categories. One is the physical category and the other is the service class. The former mainly includes car supplies or car peripherals, while the latter includes vehicle beauty services or related maintenance discounts.
    1, refueling card
    The most practical gifts for buying a car are the refueling card. Different from some umbrellas such as umbrellas that are randomly marked, the value of the refueling card is transparent, and the value of the card is equivalent to equivalent cash. It can save a lot of money when refueling in the future.
    2, car accessories
    . Car film, foot pads, ground glue, etc. are also very practical gifts, because even if it is not given away, it will be added in the future. It will not be particularly good (but it is not particularly bad, after all, there will be a chance to deal with in the future), you should pay attention to selection.
    3, brand recorder
    If the purchase of low -profile vehicle type, generally there is no reversing image, so that the store's reversing image is installed in the store. If the recorder is a car purchased by loans, the same brand recorder of the positioning manufacturer will generally be presented. If the 4S shop is a large brand product, it is also possible to install it.
    4, car film
    The film is a film product for car insulation and ultraviolet rays, but there are many brands of car film and the price is much different. If you are not at ease, Installed later. It should be noted that because the license plate check -up is relatively strict, even if the 4S shop is delivered, you must wait for the card to post.
    5, chassis armor
    Is to choose the chassis armor is also based on the driving environment. Theoretically, the new car can cope with the general urban use environment. In, you can consider choosing a chassis armor.

  2. The car delivery film, the car seat cover, three free maintenance, small jewelry, etc. may be more during the event. The car brand will change, and the gifts will be changed.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, I am glad to meet you. I am Xiaomo, a car repair consultant. With 15 years of experience in automotive maintenance, I currently serve as FAW -Volkswagen Volkswagen, Fortune 500 State -owned Enterprises, and has a car maintenance senior industrial certificate, and a car beauty technician certificate. It is well -known for the detailed configuration of major brands of vehicles. At present, it has accumulated a total of tens of thousands Consultation such as comprehensive car maintenance and maintenance. We are entering the answer in hand, please wait patiently for a while. I will provide you with a solution in a few minutes, thank you! ❤️n1. Working time card, maintenance videos, refueling cards: These gifts will use them when driving in daily driving. Reasonable use can save consumers with some maintenance expenses. Therefore是, refueling cards, etc. are still more practical. 2. Car film: The car film is needed to do after buying a car. The 4S shop will give away the car film. If the owner is not assured of the film sent by the 4S shop, you can install your favorite car film after buying a carnBasically, the Song of Song is very practicalnOtherwise, it won't attract people to buy a car anymorenMore 2nBleak

  4. It depends on some preferential policies of the local 4S shops. Generally, it will bring you a gifted with a film or a seat cover, etc., and some will give insurance.

  5. If you buy a car, you can send the bicycle recorder, and then you can also give the pads on the seat of the other party. You can send a safe pendant. These are very good.

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