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  1. Fenisa is indeed a French brand. Introduction to Fenix jewelry
    French Fenix fenisa jewelry has always been loved by people in the European jewelry industry for its "eternal spark generated by the perfect collision of Impressionist Art and jewelry". After time, it has designed a series of classic works, presenting a unique artistic beauty
    Fenix jewelry, which was born in the south of France, has elegant and magical magic. Every season, new products are released, which surprises and fascinates lovers who are interested in private customization and jewelry collection. Fenix insists on the perfection of all details, so that the woman who owns her emits the twin breath of angel and Satan, and the fatal charm is irresistible in an instant
    this time, we are no exception. We insist on integrating "impressionistic painting style" into jewelry design and have the honor to invite famous Japanese jewelry designers to join us. A series of jewelry themed with "flowers" are carefully designed for Oriental women. Once listed, it was sought after by many upper class women
    I hope it will help you

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