5 thoughts on “Is it cost -effective to go to Ruili to buy emerald?”

  1. It is still more cost -effective, but when buying emeralds in Ruili, the price of the finished product is not particularly high, but if there is any fakes, you do n’t know. You need to make your own idea. As long as you bargain with the merchant, you may buy a very cost -effective emerald. It is best to ask the merchant to provide a certificate so that you can guarantee it.
    If you buy emerald with the group travel to Ruili, the tour guide may take tourists to some particularly large jewelry shops to buy emerald. If the merchant's discount is very large, you must pay special attention at this time. It will not give such a big discount, and it will not buy real emerald when it is so cheap.
    The various emerald jewelry sold on the roadside vendors on the roadside. It is best not to buy it there. There may be fakes in the regular market, let alone whether the small merchants have real goods. It's right. It is not cheap to buy emeralds in Ruili, Yunnan. Of course, you can also discuss the price with the merchant. It is best not to buy it from the tourist attraction and the airport.
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    The advantage of Ruili jadeite:
    because of the distance from Myanmar, there are many emerald rough to Ruili, consumers can have a lot of room for selection, Ruili Market’s Emerald is mainly based on rough and egg noodles. There are many Burmese people doing emerald transactions back and forth on the border. Because it is convenient to bring goods, the price is generally more affordable than other places. But at the same time, the quality of Ruili Emerald is also uneven, and there will also be fake emeralds, and they still need to be distinguished when buying.

    The purchase of emeralds has never been cheap. The same is true of Ruili's jadeite, but it may be relatively affordable in a certain link, there is no absolute cheap. As long as the good jadeite is purchased, the price will not be low. Yunnan Ruili is just the distribution center of emeralds, not the place of origin. Besides, even in Myanmar, the price of emeralds should be dependent on the specific situation.

  2. Many friends think that Yunnan produces emeralds, and it is more affordable to buy emeralds in Yunnan. This is a misunderstanding. Yunnan does not produce jadeite. Emerald rough is from Myanmar, and most of the jadeite sold on the market is processed in Guangdong. Most of the emerald sold in Yunnan is in Guangdong. Yunnan is a large tourism province. It is not difficult to sell ordinary jadeite to the sky through travel agencies.

  3. Ruili is the largest place in China with the most emerald rough. Ruili is the largest inland port in southwestern China. It is an important jewelry distribution center. It is connected to the mountains and waters of Myanmar. The villages are adjacent to the Mujie Mujie of Myanmar. It is the only border trade zone that implements a special management in accordance with the "domestic and foreign" model.

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