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  1. The following:
    1, the ceremony
    In terms of traditional sense, the gifts mainly include eight things: the money box, which means the woman's family's wealth; the ruler, measure the happiness between you; The scale, which means that the newcomer's marriage life is wishful; the mirror, the life of life; the scissors, which means that the newcomer's life is very rich, and the satin should be available; fire.
    2, hiring
    is also a gift. The amount of Cai Li is generally discussed before marriage, so the man must also bring the hire to the woman when engagement. Gifts are best to use cash. If the amount is relatively large, you can prepare a bank card, so as to show your sincerity.
    3, three gold or hardware
    . When engaging, the man must also prepare gold jewelry for the woman, of which the number of gold jewelry prepared in different places is different. Some places are three gold, including: gold ring, gold necklace, gold earrings; some places also have hardware, including: gold ring, gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold bracelets, golden foot chains.
    4, other items
    In addition to the above items that must be prepared, the man can also prepare some more intentional gifts according to the specific situation of the woman's house. Like some smart home appliances, or new clothes that need to be prepared when getting married, the man can set up some for the woman, which also represents the importance of the woman.

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