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  1. 1、 There are several methods to set gems in rings
    1. Claw setting
    the diamond is tightly wrapped with rectangular metal claws or columns. The advantage of claw setting is that there is less metal to block the diamond, so that the diamond can be clearly and perfectly displayed. It is very conducive to the incidence and reflection of different light, and makes the diamond more shining. At present, claw setting has six claws, four claws and three claws, of which six claws are the most popular

    2. Inlay
    all the diamonds below the waist are inlaid in the metal frame / holder, so that the diamonds can be well fixed without falling off. This kind of wrapping is also the oldest method of setting rings. It not only shows the sparkle of diamonds and makes them shine, but also reflects the dignified and peaceful temperament of the wearer
    3. Forced setting (card setting)
    because the metal has a good tension, the diamond can be fixed from the waist or the low point of the waist by using this feature. Generally speaking, it is to open a shallow groove on both sides of the metal, put the diamond in and fix it. This is also a very popular inlay method at present, and it is also liked by many young people

    4. Slot inlay
    first groove the precious metal, and then clamp the diamonds into the groove. This inlay method is suitable for diamonds with the same caliber, and then put them into the groove one by one. The metals on both sides are responsible for supporting the diamonds. This will make the jewelry look flat, and will not hurt your hands when wearing it, which is safer
    5. Common tooth inlay
    use two gears to fix the two adjacent diamonds on the left and right, so that the diamonds can be more compact without gaps, and the appearance will be more concise
    6. Nail setting
    when setting diamonds on the metal edge, first use special tools to make small nails to fix the diamonds, so that no diamonds or metal claws can be seen on the surface, so that the light can shine on the diamonds.

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