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  1. At present, in the field of precious metal recycling, the most common and feasible appraisal method is the water gravity gold meter plus the X fluorescent spectrum detector. The former is mainly to detect gold and gold -plated samples. The percentage of the cost and content of metal elements can be directly distinguished. The two methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended to use it in combination with each other, and the risk can be minimized.
    This according to the principle and nature of the analysis test method, these methods can be roughly divided into density method, X -ray method, fire testing method, weight method, inductor coupling plasma atom of plasma atom transmission method, etc.

    1 density method
    The principle of density method is to determine the quality of the sample in the air in the air in the air. It may contain the density of impurities elements and the density of gold to calculate the purity of gold in jewelry. This is the traditional density principle. At present The combination of electronic technology is used to use German import sensors. Through the detection of precious metal density detection, the purity purity of precious metals can be directly read. You can directly read the gold K value, platinum PT value, density value, purity percentage percentage. , Precious metal recycling processing and processing of raw material inspection of jewelry factories.

    2, X -ray fluorescent spectrum method.
    X -ray fluorescent spectrum method to determine the purity of gold jewelry is a simple and fast method. The principle is that the X -ray tube (or radiation source) generates an X -ray (once X -ray) to stimulate the sample, and the elements in the stimulus sample will radiate secondary X -rays. Specific energy characteristics or wavelength characteristics; the detection system measures the energy and quantity of these radiated secondary X -rays, and the software is directly converted into the type and content of various elements.

    3, the fire test method
    The fire testing method is mainly applicable to the gold jewelry, which is a classic detection method. The principle of this method is the preliminary analysis or estimation of the content of deposit. The sterling silver with a certain percentage (usually 2 to 5 times the amount of gold) is added. Under the package of a certain amount of lead foil, put it in the gray dish and place it in the high temperature furnace. Gray blowing, separate the cheap metal impurities in gold separated with the lead melt liquid. In the end, only gold and silver co -pellets are left. If the film is weighed, the content of gold can be calculated.

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  2. What appraisals are used for recycling gold now? The most commonly used is burning with fire;
    In fire: Burning the jewelry with fire, do not melt the jewelry, do not melt and deform. The golden color is pure gold; if the color becomes darker or darkened to varying degrees, it is not pure gold. Generally, the lower the color, the stronger the color, and the darkens are all, indicating that it is a fake gold jewelry. After burning red, it is quenched into the water, and the color remains unchanged. It really does not change color when it comes to fire.

    The color: According to the different gloss and color of gold, you can generally distinguish pure gold, K gold, real gold, fake gold. That is, gold is better yellow (yellow -red), and the color is more than 95%; the positive yellow color is about 80%; the blue and yellow color is about 70%; the yellow color is slightly gray and the color is about 50%. Therefore, there is a formula for "seven green eight yellow, yellow nine five red, yellow leucorrhea ash pairs of gold". For long -term gold jewelry, there will be a saying that "copper turns green, silver turns black, and gold will never change color".

    This weight: Gold weight is about double the same volume of silver, lead, and tin. True gold has a feeling of falling on the hand, while copper or others only have a sense of heavyness without falling.

    In listening to the sound: When the high -quality gold jewelry is knocked out or threw it hard, the dull sound of "dwelling, clicking" is made, there is no rhyme or elasticity. , Sound, elasticity, the greater the elasticity, the more the rhyme, the more the elderly, the worse the color. The fake or low golden sound is crispy but no dullness. Generally, the sound of "Dangdang" is emitted, and there are surplus sounds.

    The folding hardness: Gold with high color, can leave traces with large head needles or nails. More than 97%of the gold jewelry, after two or three times, wrinkles appeared at the bend, also called fish scales; about 95%of gold jewelry, it feels hard when bending, and the fish scales are not obvious; The jewelry is very hard when the bending is bent, and there is no fish scale pattern; the gold jewelry containing more impurities, the bend is twice or three times to break; When using this method, the width and thickness of the jewelry should be considered. The thick and width should be hardened, and the thin and narrow ones are softer.

    The test color of the goldstone: use the determined gold and the test first jewelry to grind the road on the test gold stone. By comparing the color, the gold jewelry is determined. This method should be carried out under natural light and sunlight, and cannot be carried out under the direct sunlight and incandescent lamps. In the past, people used test stones to determine the general content of gold. The goldstone was a mixed black mineral such as quartz -containing quartz and menton stone. The gold was drawn on the testing stone to see the general shape of the gold. Pure gold: shiny dark yellow, thick yellow; silver -containing gold: light color transformed micro -band -inflammatory green; gold containing gold greater than 25%: earth white; copper gold: deeper color, red color tone; silver copper containing copper; Gold: yellow; gold containing zinc, same, nickel: white gold.

    In acid spots: grind the golden jewelry and comparison gold on the test stone, and try the nitric acid on the golden road with a glass stick. Because the chemical properties of the gold element are stable and do not react with the acid, the color is the color constant. If it is not gold or non -pure gold, the Golden Road disappears or changes. The law of changes is "three fast, three slows", that is, the low -quality disappearance is fast, and the high color disappears slowly; Depending on the disappearance of its golden road, the comparison of the comparison can determine the color of gold jewelry.

  3. Vehicle identification
    This can generally distinguish pure gold, K gold, real gold and fake gold according to the different luster and color of gold. Poly Jewelery explained: Gold is better yellow (yellow -red), with a color of more than 95%; the positive yellow color is about 80%; the blue yellow color is about 70%; the yellow color is slightly gray and the color is about 50%.
    The official signs of gold. Generally, 999 or 990, or 10K, 18K, 22K, 24K. It is not considered lower than 10K, because the content of gold is too low. If you observe with a magnifying glass, you will see more carefully.
    The hardness test
    The bite and check your bite marks. The deeper the bite marks, the higher the purity of the gold. (This cannot be accurately judged, it can only be used as a preliminary reference.)
    M magnet test
    The magnets close to gold to see if the magnetic reaction occurs.
    Perry jewelry explanation: Gold is not a magnetic metal. If your product is attracted by magnets, it is enough to prove that this product is not gold. But you can't prove that it is gold because your product does not respond to magnets, because there are many non -magnetic metals.
    This weight
    The gold is about double the same volume of silver, lead, and tin. True gold has a feeling of falling on the hand, while copper or others only have a sense of heavyness without falling.
    The reagent test
    is to test with 45%nitric acid: gold and platinum have no change, silver becomes black, and copper is green foam. Poly Jewelery explained: This is because the chemical properties of gold and gold are stable, and they will not be oxidized in any state, and they are also very stable in water, air, hydrogen sulfide or salt, and alkaline environment. Gold is soluble in any kind of single acid, which is only dissolved in the king water (the volume of the volume of the hydrochloric acid and nitric acid is based on a mixture of 3 to 1).

  4. Gold recovery (usually referred to as recycling gold) is to recycle gold products or gold -containing items. The basic purpose of its recycling is or realized or reused. Gold recovery is different from the recovery of general items. Whether it is the weight of weight, the determination of the color, or the price determination, it forms a unique recovery system. Because the gold recovery is re -used after recycling, it is also said that recycling gold is regardless of the brand. The main price factor for recycling is determined by the gold content!

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