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  1. Guangzhou Taikang City Plaza Market Type: Clocks Glasses Jewelry Jewelry Tripa Towers Taikang City Plaza Main Products: Boutique, Jewelry, Crystal, Jewelry Jewelry and other product addresses: No. 111 Taikang Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou City: The main products of artificial jewelry (comprehensive) Yijing Garden Boutique Plaza: Crafts, boutique, accessories, fabrics, gifts, toys, etc.: No. 85 Yidong Road (Haizhu Square) Guangzhou Friendship Garden Stationery toy Boutique Market Type: Model Model: Model Toys Stationery Boutique Park Stationery Toys Boutique Market Main Products: Gifts, boutique, accessories, toys, stationery, etc. Address: No. 30, Huangsha Avenue, Guangzhou Liwan Plaza Market Type: Clocks Optical Jewelry Jewelry Lili Plaza Main Products: Boutique, gifts, gems, gems , Crystal, Jewelry Jewelry and other addresses: West Suburb Building on the front road of Guangzhou Changshou West Road Station: Most of the things here are relatively high -end, and the price is not cheap. If you want to make high -end accessories, you can't miss it. There are many high -grade hair accessories, as well as silver jewelry, crystal, etc., very beautiful! The price is also very not cheap! If you want to take some cheaper things, you can't run here, because many of them are wholesalers who are transferred here. Taikang Road Yangzhong boutique wholesale: There are more things here, all three floors are, there are headdress, mobile jewelry, and some hats and bags, the price is relatively popular. Wanfu Road Yangzhong wholesale: There are also a lot of things here, but relatively low -grade, the price is cheaper. There are also many hair accessories, more on scarves and hats, and so on. Haizhu Plaza: Haizhu Plaza is more comprehensive, but there are relatively few accessories, and many of them are middlemen, which are wholesale from elsewhere. However, there are many family decorations, plush dolls, and more flowers and paintings. One Decy Road International Toys City: Explain that it is toy City, there are more plush toys here, and some other stationery boutiques. There are not many accessories, and most of them are transferred from others to wholesale. Wan Ling Square: Wanling Square is also more concentrated, everything. Liwan Plaza: Liwan Plaza is mainly wholesale crystals and jade. Jade Street: Next to South China Temple, of course, it is wholesale jade, and some crystals. Other markets and addresses:/Article/WHOLESALE/Costumes/200610/1356

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