5 thoughts on “What does it mean to dream of picking up a lot of diamonds”

  1. Dreaming of picking up diamonds, not too smooth. What you encounter is cumbersome, you may fall again in the mistakes that have been made. At the same time, it is very important to give others enough trust. As a leader, you must remember to divide the tasks appropriately and do not take them all by yourself. Without disclosure, the way of secret operations often becomes a fatal failure.

  2. Dreaming about picking up diamonds, identity, honor, emotion, wealth, etc.
    and there are many, there are many wealthy and noble loves, noble status, and high honor ... Da Ji.
    I wish you all a good!

  3. Diamonds in dreams means honor and feelings.

    Male dream of diamonds is a very good dream. This dream indicates that you will get an honor and be affirmed by the authoritative person.

    women dreaming of diamonds is a sign of happiness. This dream indicates that your emotional life is very happy, and you will have a wishful marriage.

    Unmarried women dream of wearing diamonds and will marry a man who is good -looking and rich.

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