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  1. Diamond ring represents noble and pure, not only common wearing jewelry, but also because of the recycling function, so diamond ring can also be used for investment. So how to recover diamond ring? How about the price of diamond ring recycling?

    Can diamond ring be recycled? Diamond ring is a common jewelry and a representative of distinguished luxury, but many consumers say that diamond ring is no longer worn due to styles and other reasons when wearing them for a period of time. Diamond ring plays a role.
    Where to recycle diamond ring
    diamond ring can be recycled. There are even diamond banks that specialize in diamond ring abroad. The current domestic diamond ring recycling market is not very mature, and there is no detailed legal regulations, which leads to the mixed fish dragon recycling market in the diamond ring recycling market. Many consumers who are not familiar with this are easily deceived.
    What can the diamond ring be recycled in China? At present, domestic diamond ring recycling agencies mainly include pawnshop, auction houses, second -hand luxury stores, jewelry shops, etc. These channels can be recovered by diamond ring. Among them, any brand and size diamond ring of Dianbang Bank can be recovered. Exchange cash on the spot. The price of auction houses is generally high, but the cycle is relatively long and requires a certain time. Second -hand luxury stores also have diamond ring recycling, but not all diamond rings can be recovered. Generally, diamond ring with good quality or famous brands can be recovered in second -hand luxury stores, and the income is average. Many jewelry stores now launch diamond ring recycling services, but generally only for their own brands.
    The above is the relatively mainstream diamond ring recycling agency in China, but before recycling diamond ring, consumers are most concerned about the price of diamond ring recycling. So how about the price of diamond ring recycling?

    Diamond ring recycling price
    Although the diamond ring can be recycled, not all diamond ring can get high returns. First of all, in terms of diamond ring size, generally there is no need to recycle the diamond ring within 20 points. It can only be recovered by a few hundred yuan, and the diamond ring within 10 points is recovered up to 100 yuan. Essence
    The expectations of the recycling price of diamond ring should not be held too much. When we buy a diamond ring, we do not necessarily be the diamond ring itself, but also include the cost of the ring, the style, the cost of various merchants, etc. The brand surcharges, so the purchase price of the diamond ring is usually more expensive. However, when recycling diamond ring, the recovery price only depends on the quality level of diamonds and diamond itself. Therefore, in most cases, the price of recycling diamond ring is much cheaper than the price of diamond ring.
    If you are just tired of the current diamond ring style, then it is not only the way to recover the diamond ring. Consumers can also change the old in the jewelry store, use the current diamond ring to replace some costs, and change a new style. Diamond ring. If you think of recycling before buying a diamond ring, it is best to buy a high -quality diamond ring above one carat, which is more recovered, and the quality of the quality may be appreciated.

  2. Diamonds, like gold, can be recycled, but not as valuable as gold.
    At present, there are more gold recycling on the market, but there are relatively few places for recycling diamonds; and diamond recycling will generally depreciate in now It is rare and the best in the diamond 4C level. Therefore, the most cost -effective method of diamond recycling is to find the original merchant, or choose to minimize the loss to minimize the loss in a small replacement difference.
    but what is the reason for recycling diamonds? The domestic diamond recycling market is not mature. On the contrary, there are many diamond recycling agencies abroad.
    The diamonds have a certain amount of preservation space. In addition, more and more people have diamonds today. Over time, they always feel that their diamonds are not fashionable and beautiful, so they want to sell the old ones. Buy a new one. Essence I believe that most domestic jewelry brands are now aware of this problem. I believe that diamond recycling will want gold recovery in the future. There is a system and process.

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